Washed Out Album Art

I am seeing this quite regularly again


1 & 2 is Roon , 3 is external

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

Can you share a screenshot of the main album page? We will look into this.

Hi its


This is but one example , some while back artwork seemed to be low in Colour Saturation (Washed Out) it semed to improve but now is regressing

You see from the original image 2 out of 3 seem unsaturated

Thanks for the details, @Mike_O_Neill.

It looks like this might have been a case of poor image quality from one of our metadata sources based on what we are seeing rather than something occurring in the Roon app. If you have any other examples of this we’d be happy to take a look, but currently it looks like this is a matter of artwork quality in this case from our sources.

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