Watched Folders not automatically importing (resolved)

Just noticed that Room is not adding new files that I copy into my watched folder. I am running the 64 bit Roon server build on a gigabyte brix.

Prior to this version Roon would import new tracks just fine when they were added to my NAS. Forcing a rescan does import the new just fine.

Can you let me know a little more about how you have the NAS added in Roon? What NAS is it? What’s the path you’ve entered in Roon?


It actually started working again when i added a new album to the folder yesterday, i also noticed the spinning issue on the imports disappeared as well, maybe it was related? To answer your questions though the NAS that is on is a Netgear Ready NAS 104. The path is as it should be \\NAS\Music .

Edit i should add the NAS and PC are connected via via a wired connection on the same router.

Ah, ok – I think this may have been related to some server issues we were having, which have since been resolved.

Going to mark this resolved, but let me know if you have any more issues @AgDev01!

I’m still having this problem when I copied a music folder into a watched folder. Files are not imported into Roon until I specifically add another watched folder on it.

Have you already reported it here? If so which message?

If not can you give a detailed report? You comment above is not entirely clear to me.

I think most here find Roon to do a very good job of watching the “watched folders.” However, I find myself doing manual (“forced”) rescans to get those new files recognized. Maybe it’s my setup, so I’m trying something new.
My Windows Server 2012R2 server has two separate drives with music files. One has files with “various artists” albums, the other has all other music files. I did this because I was afraid of running out of space on my 6 TB drive (so I added another 3 TB drive to house all the “various artists” albums). Both of these drives are mounted on separate sub-directories (in the same prime directory) on the server’s boot drive (an SSD). I am able to call all of these files through reference to the prime directory in which these two mounted sub-directories reside. Also in that prime directory is a separate sub-directory (on the SSD directly) with my playlists and a separate sub-directory (also on the SSD directly) with the RoonServer folder.
When I set up my Roon server I designated the prime directory as the watched music folder. I’ve now added the two subdirectories and the playlist subdirectory as watched folders. Let’s see if that improves Roon’s ability to find new files as they are added.

No, I haven’t reported here but my problem is the same as OP so I didn’t start a new thread.

I have just started using Roon again and I seem to be having a issue getting Roon to add files from ,my watched folder. I had exported files from Sooloos to a USB drive attached to my MacBook Pro. All of those show in Roon. I then used dbpoweramp to add 2 albums (a single disc release and a 3 disc compilation). I pointed the software to the same file that according to Roon is being watched. So far neither has been added to Roon even after I attempted a couple of forced rescans. Any suggestions?

I found the albums. They were listed under unknown artists. I will have to work on using the import program. Thanks.