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I synchronise my music to this NUC using Google Drive, i.e., using my main computer I download/upload music to Google Drive and this then downloads onto the NUC.

I have my Roon core watching this folder. However, it never automatically picks up additions to this folder, I must force a rescan or restart the core before Roon spots the new files.

This is really a minor inconvenience rather than an issue.

But, does anyone have a solution so that I can avoid the manual re-scan? Open to all suggestions!

Let me just add that Roon I’m really enjoying the functionality and stability at present. This is merely my personal configuration issue. However, I know there is a wealth of information and support in this community, and surely someone else has experienced the same inconvenience?

Thanks in advance!


If you copy music directly from your main computer to the watched folder on the core machine is the music seen immediately or do you need to rescan as well?

I have not tried that.

The only folders I have watched are those synchronised by the google drive software.

Perhaps google synchronises the data in a way that is not detected by Roon?

HI @eightninenine,

Regarding your last message, this is certainly a possibility. I found a couple of other mentions of this within Roon Community but as an official integration, is a feature request type of inquiry at this point.

In theory, the idea of having any kind of network folder should work but we would expect to see some latency via this method that we wouldn’t otherwise see.

Let us know how the test goes.


Hi Wes,

Thank you for the response.
Just for clarity, when I state that it synchronises, I mean that the cloud data actually downloads to the local drive in my NUC. It does not just link to that data in the cloud.
So no latency in playing files. Although there is obviously a delay between upload at one point and download at the NUC.

Best regards,


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