Wattson Audio Emerson Digital Network Bridge

I’m looking to upgrade my current streamer (Bowers & Wilkins Formation Audio) and am interested in this one, among others. Does anyone have any experience with it, or know of any good reviews?

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I had also looked at that the other day. There is a detailed test here, but in German (if necessary, run it through the translator?).

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Hans Beekhuyzen liked it very much: Wattson Emerson Digital network bridge - YouTube


Note I’m a Wattson Audio dealer, so apply however much salt you feel is required.

I’ve been using it and the Madison for about a month and am thoroughly enjoying both the simplicity and the sound quality. The Emerson Digital, of course, allows for your choice of DACS. I’ve tried the Merason Frérot, Lab12 DAC1 Ref, Chord DAVE and Jadis JS2 MkIV. I especially enjoy the Frérot and Jadis with it.

The Madison helps me pursue a current passion which I’ve dubbed ‘Simple-Fi.’ It’s a reaction to the dozen component + ocean of tweaks system-building approach in which I reduce the box count as far as possible while maintaining sound quality. The Madison + Rethm Aarka (powered, internally bi-amped) speakers is the best result so far.


I am selling a Wattson Audio Emerson Digital Network Bridge. EU only. please PM me, if you are interested.


Wish for next firmware update.
I have a Wattson Emerson Digital there is only pause possible,
there is no idle or off setting .
In the signalpath in Roon there is no info of the leedh function on or off,
in the Lumin is this available.

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@aa_jacobs - press the pause button in Roon long, then stream is stopped.

I know this is as off-topic as can be, and don’t start me on tubes to begin with, but putting a driver tube in the reflex port - are they serious?


I received an answer from Wattson Audio on my earlier questions: very good support from Wattson.
See below.

“ We introduced a “low power” mode. This mode will be automatically activated after 30 minutes of inactivity”
“Moreover, the Emerson cannot be programmatically switched off, nor does it have a physical switch to do so.”

“ LEEDH Volume Control in the Roon signal path mayby in the next firmware”

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My powered speakers Kii Three audio go to low power (standby mode)
after 15 minutes of no input signal on my AES input.
If i set the Wattson Emerson Digital in the Roon mode and i pause
the stream, there is no clock signal on the AES output. My speakers
go normal in standby mode.
If i use the Wattson app the clock signal remains available in pause
my speakers don’t go in standby.
Is it possible in a Wattson firmware update to mute the clock signal in the pause mode?