Waveform progress bar

Hello guys, happy weekend to everybody.
My question is actually silly but I’d like to ask you if there’s a way to hide the waveform progress bar at the very bottom of Roon, the one, just to be clear, that shows how many minutes/seconds have elapsed since the start of the song and how many remain until the end.
The presence of the progress bar, at least in my own personal experience, distracts me from fully enjoying the listening experience.
Thank you very much,


Am I missing something…have you tried not looking at Roon at all while listening to music?



My iPad screen goes off 1 minute after any activity, SORTED

Maybe admiring the album art on a big screen? Or following the lyrics?

If you’re using Roon’s display functionality to cast to a TV i.e. there’s a thread outlining the possibility to customize web display‘s content, which‘ll enable you to eliminate the progress bar altogether - see here

It’s not possible to customize what your Roon remote shows, though, but you could tinker with customizing its theme - see here

Thank you, guys, for your replies.
The problem is not about following the lyrics or doing something else, but about removing the progress bar completely.
I understand it’s important it’s always on but it would have been great to customize the interface to remove this feature.
I’ll try to use some themes, though, as Marin suggested.