Waveform seekbar issue

For some tracks, Roon won’t display the waveform seekbar correctly. The quieter parts of a song get registered, the loud parts somehow don’t… I’ve tried re-scanning / re-analyzing the album but that didn’t have any effect.

Here’s an example:



The files (FLAC 48kHz 16bit) are sitting on an HDD in my NUC. Any idea what might cause that issue?

Note that Roon uses the R128 method for dynamic range; Foobar may use Crest Factor, and this could explain the difference in waveform.


Hi @vessmier,

Thank you for reaching out. If possible, are you able to provide the local file with which you experiencing the issue via this media upload link?

The team will review internally to determine if there’s incorrect behavior here, and we’ll reach back out to clarify what we’ve found.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi @connor,

thanks for your reply! I submitted the file referenced in my initial post but note that in this case it affects the whole album.

I first thought it might have something to do with the fact that the album is super brickwalled/loud with an overall album gain of over -15dB… but I think I’ve also noticed this issue before with albums with a much better dynamic range.

Thanks in advance for any potential insights!

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