Waversa Wstreamer/ Roon endpoint

Hi all,
I am currently looking for a Roon endpoint/ transport to feed into my DAC and have stumbled over the Waversa Wstreamer. Does anyone here have experience with the device?



I have this streamer and it works like a charm, always stable and reliable. Sound quality wise I’m super content too. IMHO, if you’re looking for a streamer only for Roon, you can’t go wrong with the Wstreamer from Waversa. I didn’t get the airplay feature running - maybe the device is in Roon-bridge mode OR airplay mode, but not both at the same time? It didn’t matter too much for me though, as I just tried it out because I was curious.


Thanks for your feedback. I bought the WStreamer about 4 weeks ago and I am quite happy with it. It is very unobtrusive and does the job. I also like that it is quite heavy for its size and does not move around accidentally like e.g. a Raspberry Pi.
Airplay works for me without any problem, both within Roon and stand-alone connecting from an iOS device. Do you have the latest firmware installed?

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I think it’s firmware version 1.2.5.
Maybe I should give it a second try? :slight_smile: I concur with your other observations, and it’s somehow weird to me why this little device hasn’t got more attention. It’s perfectly suited for Roon, as it is mostly plug and play and just forget about it. Maybe the price is a little high? I noticed in Europe the price increased from around 750€ when I bought it to 900€ right now.

Indeed you can get a Mac Mini for that price …

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True that. I also have a mac mini m1, but for some reason, I feel a dedicated streamer - in my case the one from Waversa - just sounds better. Another, almost the most important thing for me, is that you don’t have to think about the standby-mode of your mac but can just plug in a ethernet cable, a usb-/spdif-cable and a 5v power supply to the Wstreamer and be done with it - it just works. Also it only needs 5 watts, though the m1 macs are VERY power efficient themselves.

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The new iFi Zen Stream is another interesting option at half the price, don’t you think ?

Yes, but at the moment with Roon it only works as a bridge and therefore isn’t fully roon-ready. That might be a concern, but I expect ifi to achieve roon-ready status soon. I’m also interested in the ifi zen stream and might have bought it if it was available when I purchased my Wstreamer - at around half the price and with all the functionality, its price-performance ratio seems to be better than the Waversa offering.