Way to validate playlists so playlist links show up?

Hello! I have all of my music stored locally. I exported my playlists from JRiver Media Center to Roon and they are all local copies. However, I’m noticing that anything imported doesn’t show the playlist link under the track, it’s only showing up for tracks I’ve added post import. Is there a way to force a validation of the playlists so the playlist link will show for every track?

Thank you for your response. “Show playlist links” is turned on. The issue is they only show for tunes added to imported playlists, not for any tracks that were already in the imported playlist.

I’m not experiencing that. Here’s a playlist I imported.


I’m not sure I understand what it is you’re trying to show me with the screenshot. This looks like a normal playlist screen and nothing more. Not quite related to the assistance I’m seeking…


Anyone? This is quite the PITA to have to go and double-check a playlist every single time I add a song to make sure it’s not a duplicate.

I realized that with the type of response that was given to me, maybe my issue isn’t fully understood. Here is what I’m asking for assistance with.

Here is an imported playlist:

We’ll use Cypress Hill’s Insane in the Brain as my example.

Here’s how it appears without the playlist link after import:

Notice how there is no playlist link under the track? If I go back to the Random playlist, delete the track and add it back, here’s how it looks now:

Does this make sense now? How to do I fix this? It has made managing my imported playlists a nightmare and really a pain point for using Roon.

The lack of response has been a bit disappointing. Surely I can’t be the only one who’s discovered this?

Hello @Jamie_Dewoody ,

Apologies for the delay in response here, there’s a bit of a backlog due to our 2.0 release and we’re working on catching up.

Can you please confirm if you have both Show Playlist Link and Show Track Tag Link enabled in Roon Settings → General?

Was this generated as a .XML? Can you please upload an example XML or two to the following link?




Thank you for the response, I didn’t think about 2.0 tying up all support.

I didn’t not have “Track Tag Link” enabled but do now. Is there something else I need to do after that?

They were all exported from Media Center as m3u files. I do have those if you want to look at them.


Hi @Jamie_Dewoody ,

Yes, can you please upload them to the following link and let me know once uploaded?



They have been uploaded. Thanks!


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