WD My Cloud Pro (Intel N3710)

Any possibility there wull be a package for the WD My Cloud Pro Series soon too?

These systems are powerfull enough to transcode for Plex, so they would be able to do Roon Server very well too.

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I was thinking this as well.

If it’s possible, that is. I suspect the CPU has hardware support for x264 transcoding, which might not help Roon.

I understand the WD My Cloud devices have a dual core ARM 9 Cortex CPU running at increasing speed per model and either 256 Mb or 512 Mb of RAM.

Roon Server is not currently compiled for armhf, and the resources to do it are unlikely to be worthwhile because the user experience with that CPU and RAM would be very poor, especially for any library of a size consistent with the capacity of the NAS.

This is the new WD My Cloud Pro series, which is Intel based.

From the product page:

Intel® Pentium™ N3710 1.6GHz quad-core (Burst-mode frequency 2.56GHz)

Ah, much more promising. Do you know how it compares to an i3 ? @danny has indicated a few times that i3/i5 are the chips to aim for taking everything into account.

See this discussion on the N3710 here.

Its’ not a great cpu, but there are worse Synology/QNAPs … if you’d like to make an installer for the WD My Cloud Pro, we can guide you when you get stuck… remember, we didn’t do the Synology/QNAP pkg either – a community member did them.