WD SSD external drive not authorized

Roon Core Machine

iMac Pro 4TB SSD internal drive.

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The core is on the 4TB SSD internal drive. I want to set up second storage for music on WD SSD external drive. Shows up on desktop and in Roon folder set up, but get the error message:

'Error loading folder, unauthorized

You may need to create a folder first to set up the required permissions. See:

Or maybe this one:

What format is the external drive?

CORE on iMac Pro. WD SSD drive format exFat plugged into same computer using lightning port. Drive shows up on desktop and is usable. Shows up in Roon storage folder set up but has this message: Error loading folder, unauthorized, so you cant set up as 2nd folder of music. 1st folder of my music is on the iMac pro hard drive under users/stj/RoonMusic, a folder I set up originally. Other hard drives connected by USB ports have the same message.

In MacOS system settings go to Security & Privacy and select the Privacy tab. Scroll down to the section labeled Roon and ensure that Removable Volumes is checked.


Fantastic! This worked. Thanks for the reply.

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