Web Browser Rendering for Roon Display

RPI running Chromium browser at 1080p rotated (1080 w, 1920 h)

As per screenshot, the fonts are rendering too large, resulting in much text being lost/overlap.

Looking for way to affect how fonts are rendered or improved display out of the box for rotated displays.

I didn’t look it up, but there’s a thread on the Tinkering forum about modifying the display. Discussion includes how to change fonts.

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I’ve moved your post from the Support category to the Feedback category of the forum, because your issue cannot be addressed by the Support team.

All posts in the Feedback category are read by Roon Labs.

And as @David_Gibson says, there are discussions about modifying the web display in the Tinkering category that may help you with a workaround in the absence of a fix from Roon Labs.

You won‘t get lucky soon, looking for an out of the box solution.
Rather, you must tinker … maybe you like what I came up with, see here

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Thanks…this helps a lot

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