Web display not working

Core Machine

Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS running in VMware Fusion (4-core, 4GB RAM) on a 2018 Mac mini (3.2 Ghz 6-core Core i7, 16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, 128GB SSD)

Network Details

TP-Link gbe switches
Synology DS1515+ NAS, wired 4 x gbe (only used to store music files)

Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2i, wired

Description of Issue

Can’t get the web display to work on my MacBook Air or iPhone 11 Pro.

When I open in Safari or Firefox (on either device) I get a web site with a black background with “roon” written in white on it.

I then go to the volume control icon on either controller (iPhone 11 Pro (14.5.1) or MacBook Air (macOS 11.3.1) but no display icon shows up.

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Worked (for a while) after rebooting my Ubuntu server (I suspect just bouncing the roon server service would work too). Seems to come and go with the ability to sometimes re-enable via the volume icon but when it doesn’t show up there rebooting seems to fix it.

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