Website link crashed in internet radio [fixed]

On my retina macbook pro running El Capitan I’ve had a few crashes with 1.2

1st time it crashed was when I clicked on the website link in internet radio. It only happens when the website field is left blank. I can reproduce this every time

2nd time it crashed was when I clicked on an the edit pencil in an artist page. Roon crashed immediately…no message.
This happened a couple of times now but I don’t know what triggered it.

Same here.

If you suffer Crash #1 with the blank Internet Radio website, go back into Roon and click on the Artists Edit pencil it will do it every time so far for me. Go back in again and Artist Edit works. Interestingly, if you cause Crash #1 and then go back and Album Edit, it will work, and if you then (after editing the album), click on Artist Edit it will still crash.

thanks guys, we’re looking into it.

When I click on the info for a radio station to get more info or the now playing screen roon crashes.

Are you talking about ‘Website’ button ? If so, this should be fixed for our next release. Thanks for the report.

not talking about website button. I am saying when I click any where on the bottom of the audio bar like the Heart button or the name of the radio station that is playing Roon crashes. only on internet radio

Is there a way to disable internet radio in RoonServer 1.2 without using the Roon program on a controlling machine? (All of my “controlling machines” will lose connectivity and are quite useless. I’m wondering if internet radio might have something to do with this behavior.)

Unless I’m misunderstanding, the Internet Radio only plays when you tell it to, it is not running by default or on its own. If you have a situation where the RoonServer is uncontrollable from a remote, then just terminate and restart the RoonServer application.

Hm, I can’t reproduce this crash in-house. Would you mind to describe your setup in details:

  1. What OS do you use (OSX; Win; Linux; Android; iOS) ?
  2. Do you have a Core - Remote setup or you are using standalone version of Roon ?
  3. Does it happen with any station or with a specific one ?
  4. What happens if you try to do the same steps during track playback ?



I do experience the same issue with Roon 1.2. (for OSX 64 bit)
Roon on Mac mini and remote on Macbook pro. (all latest OSX)
As soon I hit the black bottom bar (anywhere) Roon dissapears.
The same happens with the Roon app on iOS. (iPhone) (white bottom bar)
it only happens during playing of internet radio. I can switch to another screen but the issue remains until I start playing a CD for example.

Hm,would you mind to share your Roon logs with us (I’ll contact you via PM with more details).

I would also like to reproduce this in-house – can you paste here a link to the station with which Roon is crashing ?


@vova, not having this issue with Windows 32 bit.

This should be fixed in Build 128 guys. Let us know if you’re seeing otherwise.


Sorted now,thanks.