Weiss DAC501/502

I’m particularly interested in their dual use as both dac and preamplifier. I have some reservations regarding digital volume controls, my understanding is that the Weiss units use gain matching to maintain the digital volume control at a high level to avoid any meaningful digital loss. Can anyone elaborate on this topic…should it be of concern? I’d appreciate any experience or insights anyone could share with either of these two pieces. Thanks!


I recently bought the DAC501 as preamplifier/dac for my Air Tight ATM 300R amplifier. Although in a technical way I cannot elaborate more than what’s in the detailed Weiss technical papers, I experience no audible difference when using the digital volume control compared to the fixed output levels. I experimented with tweaking the Air Tight volume to get my normal listening volume with fixed DAC501 output level, compared to using the DAC501 volume controls, but I’m confident it’s done very well on the Weiss end. Furthermore, the user experience of the DAC501 volume control is great in combination with Roon Ready.

But I think it’s a good idea to audition the Weiss in your own setup and judge for yourself before spending such amount of money.

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Hello, I’m considering getting a Weiss DAC501. Wondering if the Roon end point function is good enough wrt SQ so I can get rid of my streamer (Lumin U1 mini). Appreciate your input. I do plan to do a test in my system ahead of buying of course.

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Difficult to say, I never heard the Lumin. But I use the Weiss as my Roon endpoint and very pleased with it. As you said, borrow one and listen in your own setup.

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Thanks for getting back to me Gerard.

as per Gerard. I have no experience with the Lumin U1. But I have replaced a solid T&A Dac8dsd with the Weiss501 and that swap was certainly worth the wait. It took some time to get it delivered due to global supply chain issues.
What I like about the 501 is, apart from superb SQ, the ability to upgrade its software. In my usage time (about 8 months now) Weiss has delivered a significant upgade adding extended loudness features which proved to be very usefull in my acoustic environment.
You will be impressed when testing the 501.