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Hello! I have just submitted feedback with the identifier “5cb04c291f2dbf2e.”

I am running a Pi with the touchscreen and it has been working flawlessly for quite some time. I recently upgrade to Roon 1.8 and also upgraded my Pi endpoint to 3.075. When it rebooted I go the message I copied into the subject of this post. I’ve tried rebooting the endpoint and the core. I still get the same screen.

The weird thing (at least to me) is it works in every other way. I can connect to it via Roon on my iPad, I can connect to the web interface, play music through it, etc. It just seems as though the screen doesn’t display the usual RoPieee UI. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Roon 1.8, Ropieee 3.075 work for me (Pi 3B + Pi2AES + 7in PiTouch):

I assume that you have verified that the Roon extension doesn’t need to be re-enabled, and that the Display tab lists the Roon Control Zone accurately?

Thanks for the tips on what to check. I hadn’t actually looked at the Extensions list, but I just did and it looks like RoPieee is enabled.

Also, the Roon Control Zone is named accurately.

I don’t see a listing for the RoPieee on the main extensions screen. The screenshot I took above appears once I click on “Authorizations.”

I’m not sure you have it all. Here’s what I see…I do have it on two different RPi4’s, so maybe that’s the difference, IDK.

Actually, you might be on to something with the extensions. Do I have an old extension for Ropieee? Jim’s shows the version 3.075. Mine seems to show an older version that was last seen on Dec. 1st. I’m not that familiar with extensions. Is there a way to update? Thanks again for the help.

I’d suggest unauthorizing that old one, for good measure. 3.075 is the current version.

Also, would you try restarting the extension from the Web GUI?

Would you post screenshot of your Display tab as well?

That looks wrong. The version number should be 3.075. “Last seen” is over 2 months ago. I’d suggest you remove the extension and add it again.

I’ve never had to install an extension before (I believe the one I screenshot here was automatically loaded). Do I have to download the Extension installer? Thanks.

No, you should be able to do it from the Roon Extensions tab.

It seems that I am unable to add any extensions via the Roon Extensions menu. Here are the two screens I see. There is no ‘Add’ button.

No, from the Advanced tab of the RoPieee web GUI, on the Advanced tab.

Also, would you post a screenshot of the Display tab?

Thanks for being patient with me. I clicked on the ‘Restart Roon Remote Extension.’ I don’t see that anything happened in the the RoPieee GUI, nor did anything change on the Roon core. Is there something else I need to do? I’ve attached the screenshot you requested…

https://codexwilkes.com/downloads/ropieee-guide-for-beginners.pdf especially slide 38.

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I’ve looked at this manual before and I just checked out slide 38 in particular.

My DAC is plugged in, connected to the RoPieee device, and turned on.
My DAC appears in Roon Settings > Zone Name
It is named M500 DAC in the Zone Name
The exact same name is being used in the RoPieee GUI under ‘Room Control Zone’

I can actually play music through the RoPieee endpoint. It’s just that I can’t seem to get the extension to load (or get the touchscreen display to work).

It’s possible you will need to reflash your micro SD card. When you install a screen and start up for the first time, some information gets burned onto that card. Just in case, it might be a good idea to reflash RoPieee or RoPieeeXL onto your card and try again.

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I am at a loss. I agree with @Jim_F : it might be easiest to flash again (sometimes faster than continuing to try things). Just to be sure, and going against my advice, would you reboot your core again?