What about SQ signature of Audio Pro Addon speakers (T5, C5, T10)

I´m considering get one for my kitchen. probably the T5 (no wifi-ethernet) cos I may will use it connected to Pi3/Hifiberry Dac+ Pro/Ropieee

Is there anyone using it ? All I had read about SQ is that its sound is really nice (full, warm, well freq. balance … and stereo) for the price and size(200 €)…

Any advice, info, personal experiences with those speakers, would be really apreciated.


I finally got the C5. A big surprise! Beautiful look, very solid build, and sound signature, well, incredible for the price: Warm and well balance, great bass, also great mids and highs. Two Analog inputs and also ethernet and wifi (Airplay, spotifyconnect). An amazing little sound box.

I"ve been thinking of adding one a quick moveable remote for porch listening.

Great Daniel, as I wrote, my experience so far is just great, awesome indeed, and as a musician I promise I´m very concern about sound :slight_smile: . One last note: Volume is right for a small room (kitchen in my case) but for a bigger space, or outside, maybe the slightly bigger model, C10, would be the right choice due to it´s extra power. If you get it, please, let me knowhow it sound to your ears :wink: Cheers.


Can you please let me know if you are using Roon on the C5. Does Roon discover it via the WiFi? I cant see it listed on the Roon partner list

Hi Martin,

yes, Roon detect the C5 as an Airplay device in the Network. Anyway, in my case now, I ´m using it connected (via its stereo RCA inputs) to an RPI+Ropieee+Dragonfly to improve sound quality. Loving it so far.


Hello! does roon supports Audio Pro Addon C5?

This speakers have airplay, does it mean it’s is limited to 44/16 ?


Hi @dimitex,

I’ve moved your post over to an existing topic about the Adio Pro Addon devices. As mentioned above:

If you have any other questions please let us know!

I would like to know if C5 through airplay is capable of playing 96 or 192khz


Hi @dimitex,

The bit depth and sample rate are limited to 16 bits & 48 kHz max. This is a limitation of the Airplay protocol, and is not something that we have control over. If you play high resolution content to your device using the Airplay protocol, Roon will intelligently sense that the protocol will not support streaming that file in it’s original format and converts it to a stream that the device will accept and actually play.

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Thanks Dylan!

I’m thinking of doing something similar, albeit probably with a HAT… Are you able to power the Raspberry stack from the C5’s USB port ?

Good question. Can´t help cos I have not try it. I use an external AC adapter to power the RPI.

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Hi Kursaal,

Just seen that you replied ages ok. Sorry for not acknowledging that you had.

I have a C5 now connected to RPI 3 with a IQaudio DAC Pro+ connected to the analogue inputs in my bedroom. The DAC pro + is ruuning RAAT and I have to say the sound is very good for what it is