What are the best RoonReady device with Digital Coax output?


I have a fairly reasonable hifi setup with an Anthem AV Pre-Processor that supports upto “32-bit / 768 kHz” and I’m running mono block amps with some nice floor standers.

What are the best RoonReady devices I should be looking at that will output “32-bit / 768 kHz” over coax connection?

The Anthem doesn’t have USB input, but does obviously have HDMI, I’ve also been lead to believe audio over HDMI isn’t as good as coax & usb?


I’ve got my eye on the Allo DigiOne Player:


Nothing outputs greater than 24 bit 192 kHz over coax S/PDIF. That is the standardized maximum.


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I agree optical S/PDIF is limited to 24-bit 192kHz.

However I believe digital coax goes much higher, even to 32-bit 768kHz.

Theoretically, perhaps, but I’ve not come across any devices which do more than 192k. I’m not sure if the silicon even exists.

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I also have an Anthem processor, the AVM 60. While the DACs in the processor may be specked at 32/764, the maximum input spec for the processor on any of its digital inputs is 24/196. This is a limitation of the inputs as well as the DSP chip used in the processor. The are many devices that have a good coax output. I’d look at a Raspberry Pi with the Allo DigiOne coax digital output hat. You can buy the combination as the DigiOne Player.

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Another recommendation for the digiOne.
It’s very cheap for what it is, it’s backed up by solid measurements rather than BS and hype, and the company give good support. What’s not to like…
It’s become my primary source.

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