What are you drinking now? [Pair with music for double points]

(Mike O'Neill) #123

I mocketh not , I spent 37 years as a Brewer of Note and definitely had lunatic leanings

I had the honour of being the Brewmaster of the Newlands, Cape Town Brewery in South Africa



Great Reggae Grooves from Pablo Moses… Pimped with a delicious “Pimm’s Cup”.

(Mark Edwards) #125

That looks delicious, mmmmmmmm.

(Mark Edwards) #126

Cool job. Legend.

My buddy and I used to get together once a month to taste a dozen different beers, he took it seriously and would make notes. He is now a brewer at 4 Pines in Manly NSW, specialising in barrel aged beers.

The 4 Pines Keller Door beers are blowing my mind. Do you still enjoy your brews?

(Mike O'Neill) #127

I loved the job , y only real one for my whole career bar a few starters , Pork Pies and Crisps !!

Unfortunately age has crept up and I have had ankle replacement surgery so I had to lose loads of weight to protect the new joint (38 kg so far !!! and still another 10 to go …) beer along with any other carbs was the first casualty , but it will return some time soon I hope

I allow myself one glass of red wine a day , quite a comedown !!


(Daniel Beyer) #129

_Hole in my _heart by the Dig at The Churchill on Victoria BC, drinking a Stankey Park Strawberry Milkshake IPA

(Robert ) #130

Hope ur trip is going well Daniel…@Rugby

(bearFNF) #131

Sick today so it’s Greensleeves and Plain OJ today…


100% cabernet franc. Very special, just like the cheeses.


And the music isn’t bad, either.


It’s yummy indeed! :smiley: Didn’t know 100% cabernet franc wines existed. I love this one, very earthy and floral (violets). My wife however doesn’t like it very much. Ah well, I can live with that :wink:

(Paul) #135

Sat here in Crete in total jealousy, can’t wait to get back to UK where real cheese is available :yum:


Haha, it’s not exactly a punishment, to have to resort to Greek food and wine! :wink:


try some cab franc from Napa or Washington State. the grape makes a very different wine there, delicious, but much bigger and richer.


Thanks for the suggestion, will try to find some!

(Wim) #139

90 minutes of Charlotte De Witte @ Awakenings and a glass of red wine to prepare for a buzzy week ahead …

(Mark Edwards) #140

Greek wine IS a punishment :grin:


a rare 100% petit verdot from bordeaux, with a smoke roasted lamb shoulder.

paired with Mahler 9.


(Harry ten Berge) #142

Djeeezzz… is there time enough to jump on a plane? :wink:

(Paul) #143

As others have “suggested” Greek (Cretan) wine is very “missable.” Unfortunately I couldn’t avoid it on a couple of occasions. You’ll be pleased to hear that, having been back in the UK for 3 weeks, I’m fully recovered :grin: