What are you drinking now? [Pair with music for double points]

(Egbert) #144

(Mike O'Neill) #145

All About Eve, Ouzo with a plate of feta and olives …

Just love the sun on my back

Wish someone would start to import Ouzo 12 into South Africa again

Some Greek things Are Worth it





(Mark Edwards) #148

I can’t argue with those choices, not a huge fan of Ouzo but my father-in-law is.
I married into a half Greek/Italian family, the food is stunning.

(Robert ) #149

I like this Greek brandy as a change of pace.

(Mike O'Neill) #150

Sounds funny but try 5 Star Metaxa , much recognized as better even then 7

Too many Greek holidays I need my youth …

(Robert ) #151

Thanks for the tip.


You pussies…

Living on the edge… :grin:


Paired with the Winter boys, Stevie Ray or, if I’m in a mood, Tom W.


I must be getting old. It took me most of the night to work this bottle down.


The whole bottle? That might result in some off-key listening experiences:


(Peter Hafkamp) #155

The Glenlivet Code

Tom Waits - Foreign Affair


how is the whiskey?

(Peter Hafkamp) #157

Just had my first sip, strong full taste lots of sherry 48% alcohol.
I’ll drink some more later tonight.

(Robert Bee) #158

I’m drinking a Riverhorse Belgian Freeze. The beer was part of a beer-cookie tasting pack. 10 beers and 10 cookies. The cookies were all made with spent grain from the beer. The cookie was a Belgian caramel sweet and salty paired with the Freeze which is a Belgian Double. Listening to Kraftwerk 3-D, a great compiliation.

(Paul) #159

Looks like vodka to me :wink:


I assure you it isn’t. The glass is way too small for that :wink:

(Mr Fix It ) #161

Some Cereusly obscure IPA - I couldn’t resist the label. Must try to find some more.

(Wim) #162