What are you reading?

As someone who often has several books in deferent room’s of the house, I also started this the other day and clearly I am getting to old to read books with tiny writing (can only read it in sunlight as it fades under electronic lighting)

Not sure whether to take it seriously or not, but he writes welland it is a fun read through the first third.


Your girls will be well educated in the early days of the world :grin::+1:

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I use a spotlight that produces natural sunlight which can be used for SAD as well.

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I might have to think about that, but I read 80% Kindle, 15% Audible and maybe 5% physical books

(Al numbers made up for illustration purposes only).

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Kindle allows you to change size of text I thought.

In our previous house, the library lived in the attic…

Now, in the farmhouse, it’s grown and burst appendices into several rooms, as well as online…


It does that’s why it’s not a problem (I love the feature where I totally control the layout and font to my liking), this is the first paperback I have read in a couple of years, can’t get it on Kindle and a friend wanted me to read it :grin:

Also listening to this on Audible which is hard going as a liberal lefty. I tend to listen/read harder going books as Kindle/Audible integration is great. Yes I hate the fact that I am feeding the Amazon beast, but I have yet to buy a vinyl from there even though it is the cheapest place to get them.


Wonderful too see Geoff.
I have three book shelves full and many boxes, but the wife wants to put decorations on them instead of books :scream_cat:

We don’t really argue about anything besides about books and Audio equipment :rofl:

A sidetrack to the thread.

Books I read again and again - Moby Dick, A Confederacy of Dunces, The Iliad

A book I’ve had to restart several times - In Search of Lost Time

A book I just can’t get thru, even once - Infinite Jest


That’s true for me too.
And then Ulysses.

Right now I’m reading, by Sibylle Berg,
RCE Remote Code Execution,
having previously read her other book from 2019 GRM (Grime)

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New here. Normally I am a space opera, Stephen King type of reader. Something different this week.


I’ll have to get this one. Listened to “Heroes” on audible and it was superb.


I really like The Beatles, was “tuned in” on my portable radio when they hit America, and have all their albums, but I’m not a fanatic fan. I really enjoyed the almost over the top detail of this book, which is (hopefully) part 1 of a trilogy. Ends just as they release their first album. Brilliant in so many ways.


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I have all 3, Mythos, Heroes and Troy. I just past half of the first one. Stephen Fry is Wonderfull, easy to read and whitty, so for Christmas I did ordered them in English for my girls.

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@Graeme_Finlayson @Michael_Harris
By the way how are the footnotes read for Stephen Fry Myths books on the audible?

Some very long sections at the end of the books (from memory). Troy was about half an hour.

There are also some small footnotes in each chapter but it was a few years ago I listened to the first two books

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Weird to be at the end of the book. Yes mostly/all are outside of the narrative frame but still are so much in his style.
Maybe it is going to be the best on the Metaverse :slight_smile:

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Maybe it was just Troy (but that end of the book went on forever with notes), but generally with Audible you don’t get the full footnotes.

It’s one of the reasons I often buy the Kindle book as well (as you also get a decent discount)

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Reading to my son at bedtime but secretly enjoying it more than he is!!!

Guilty pleasures :slight_smile: I keep on taking Peanuts & Calvin and Hobbes from the kids

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