What can I do if I have lost the original roon core?

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My PC which was my roon core crashed and I have to replace by building a new one. I wasn’t able to unauthorise this core and backup the database. Now I cannot set up another roon core. How should I proceed?

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If you never backed up the database, then any curations, edits, playlists, etc. are gone.

There’s no way to proceed.

If the machine that was running Core is not running, then there is nothing to unauthorize.

Just install Roon on your new machine…

If you want to recover from something like this in the future, backup Roon’s database and preferably to a location other than the machine that is running Core or to a USB drive. Know that Roon’s backup doesn’t backup your music files.

OTOH, if the drives are still available from the crashed machine, then you may be able to recover Roon by putting those drives in your new machine. It depends on whether Roon was in the middle of updating its database when the Core machine went south.

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I tried to install new roon core but it won’t allow me to. Tells me that I need to unauthorize the old one first. Is there a way to overcome this?

I can also see the roon app data on the drive that I recovered. Will new roon core be able to pick up these data from there, or is there a way to direct roon to look at those folders?

Not sure what you mean by this. Do you mean the folders that contain the Roon app and all its supporting pieces? If so, that’s Roon. Do you see the Roon library on the drive you recovered? See this article for how to find it.

If all the Roon directories are intact on your new machine, then you haven’t lost anything. Try bringing up Roon from the Roon app in those directories. I don’t know what will happen, but it’s worth a shot.

You said you lost the machine that the Roon app was running on. To me, that means that the Roon Core is not active anywhere. To recreate that on my system, I took down ROCK and brought the Roon app up on another machine.

This is the screen I got -

Click ‘Use this PC’.

Then a screen like this -

At that point, click ‘Unauthorize’.

Then you should get this -

If you aren’t getting screens like the above, then screen print the message you are getting, please.

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