What course for large library?

If there is no limit I am interested in knowing which route will work best for me. I just purchased a Roon Ready device this week and it is alredy jiving good with my NAS and the NAS has a supplid music app that also works well called DS audio. My library is pretty large and I believe clost to a half million tracks with almost 27K albums so if Roon will work for me, knowing the best way to get it rolling and the costs involved I will need to know. I’ve sent along messages today and yesterday and am waiting to see if this is going to be right for me and my new Roon Ready streamer. might be a hit?? Thanks andybob

Wow it’s been 3 years since I had interest, but my player was not roon ready nor did it make sence for what I was doing so now I have this new amazing sounding streamer will Roon make its way into my listening experence. ?? We shall see!!

Hi Johnny,

Just a few questions to sort out what might best suit you.

Are you wanting a silent case to put next to your system, or can you accomodate a fan cooled case near your NAS ? I’m assuming your NAS is outside the listening room ? Is the size of the case a factor ?

What NAS are you using ?

What is your Roon Ready device ?

How many zones do you want to play at once ?

Do you want to upsample or convolve a room eq file ?

I would add:

On what computer will the Roon Core be located:

Operating system?

Hard drives?

SSD drives?

CPU speed?

I have a large library (over 750,000 tracks) and Roon works quite well on my highly over speced Windows 10 computer (i7 cpu, MME drive, 32GB memory, 11GB gpu memory, etc.)

Another important thing to consider:

How is your music library organized - e.g. file and folder layout and methodology?

A well organized music library goes a long way in helping Roon scan and identify the artists, albums and tracks.

My files from my NAS are visible on my laptop. i7 as well. NAS is the Synology DS 918+ 4 10TB Seagate Iron Wolf drives.
New player is the Amazing ELAC DFP-2 which is roon ready…the new player works well with the Synology music app DS Audio but though the Roon Route might be cool now that I have a piece of gear that is Roon ready? I only listen to files from my NAS have zero interest in any pay or free radio stations so if this program displays album art work better than ds audio app I would like to check it out. Thanks and almost 27K albums now and growing all the time.

Sounds like you’re ready to give Roon a try. Roon displays art work, lyrics, artist photos, credits, etc. Give it a try for a couple of weeks and report back :smiley:


When I had no roon ready gear I was offered a 30 day trial. How about 2 -15 day trials :joy::joy: still to know if anyone on the roon end of things has access to the files from my NAS once I make them playable on a roon trial or a full membership.?

As I understand it, Johnny is asking us for suggestions about the hardware for Roon Core.

I would firstly suggest opening a trial with existing equipment, to get a feel for the Roon software and whether you like it. To do that your i7 laptop would be a sufficient Roon Core, provided it is connected by Ethernet. That is because all music goes through the Roon Core so the Roon software will be fetching music from the NAS at the same time as it is distributing it to the ELAC DFP-2. That can be done over full duplex Ethernet, but often creates difficulties over half-duplex WiFi.

I would also suggest creating a sub-folder of albums on your NAS for a first Roon trial. This can be for a relatively small number of albums, say 100 or so, and means you can get everything working without having to worry about extensive analysis (which will take some hours on your full library). Once everything is working on this sub-set of your library, and if you are content (or ecstatic !) with the functionality and appearance of the software, then you can consider scaling up to your full library.

When looking at an appropriate computer for your full library, I would recommend a stand alone i7 server, running Windows 10 for convenience, located next to your NAS and router and fan cooled (not silent). This is what I use with a library about half your size. Mine is stored on hard disk and SSD on the server rather than a NAS. I use the RDP app to run the Windows 10 desktop from my iPad.

Don’t be too fussed about trial length. If you want to test with a smaller subset of your library first and find you need an extension to retest with additional hardware later, just send a PM to @ accounts (deleting the space) and ask if you can extend the trial. I think you will find that Roon is very reasonable about genuine users with specific issues, such as a library of your size.

As I understand it Roon Support can access at least the logs in your Roon database, and possibly other database files, in order to diagnose and resolve any Support issues you may have.

In my experience Roon hasn’t had access to music files, as it has separately requested the media from various users where there is a potential issue with the files themselves.

In relation to non-music files I think there are national privacy laws in various jurisdictions that govern such issues.

I appreciate the above does not resolve your question as to what capability Roon has, just what I know they have and haven’t done in the past. Let’s drop a flag for @danny who may be able to fill in the gaps.

Thank you and I may need some time as ELAC is still working on software issues concerning their DLNA portion. Airplay is great but DLNA will be a lot smoother. In the meantime my ds audio is sounding real nice with the DDP-2 I mean REAL NICE!!!

God Bless