What criteria are used to detect "corrupt" files?

I haven’t had this happen much before, but four of the last eight (or so) albums I’ve added are showing up with multiple tracks as “corrupt” in Roon :confused:

The same files play just fine in iTunes, Audirvana, etc., so pretty sure they’re not “corrupt”, but would like to make sure - exactly what criteria is Roon using to determine these files are “corrupt”, and how can I correct the “issue”?

Hi @jhwalker ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the slow response here.

Moving forward, would it be possible for you to provide us with a media sample that you are noticing this behavior with in Roon? A “shared” dropbox link containing the media would be very appreciated!


They’re all from Qobuz - I don’t think I’ve ripped any files recently.

Here are the Dropbox links:

[removed after download by Roon support]

Sample files:
[removed after download by Roon support]
[removed after download by Roon support]

CHi John,

I’m not sure how Roon detects corruption, but sometimes false positives about corruption can be raised where compression programs or standards change. Are these FLAC files or some other format ?

One way to “solve” such issues is to convert the file to another format and back again using a ripping/conversion program that yields “good” files. Provided such conversions are from a lossless format to a lossless format there should be no effect on the ultimate musical content of the file, but the header will be in the form of the known good conversion program.

Looking back at my history, I’ve reported similar issues in the past with files downloaded from Qobuz. Last time, support confirmed they were actually using a legal field in the ALAC files that, nevertheless, no one else was using, and Roon flagged the files as “corrupt” because it didn’t know what to do with that data.

I’ve confirmed a round trip through AIFF back to ALAC cures the so-called “corruption”, so I guess I’m fine for now, but hoping Roon will 1) be a little less aggressive in detecting “corruption” in the future or 2) account for whatever construction Qobuz is using in this latest round of downloads in the next release of Roon.

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Hi @jhwalker ---- Thank you for touching base with me and providing the requested media samples. Confirming that they have been received!

We will have a look and see what we can do here. Your patience is appreciated!


FYI: I removed the links in your post after they were downloaded :wink: