What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model (and price if you feel like adding it) [2021-04]

Devialet Expert pro 1000 with Grimm MU1 Roon core

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Old / secondary setup:

Synology 1517+ (Roon core) →
ProJect Stream Box S2 ultra →
ProJect Pre Box S2 digital (EUR 365,-) →
Lindemann amp 4.99

New / primary setup:

Synology 1517+ (Roon core) →
ProJect Stream Box S2 ultra →
Buchardt I150 (EUR 2500,- / integrated w/ DSP + DAC)

Room 1: Cocktail Audio X45Pro, which has the Sabre ES9038Pro DAC chip inside.
Room 2: Audiolab M-DAC

That Krell is a nice piece. Doesn’t get a lot of attention on the boards, but it’s a high performer.

I have often wondered what I would do if my Oppo UDP-205 gave up the ghost. This unit looks absolutely incredible, albeit far out of my price range. I cannot get my Oppo to play very nice with multichannel, but I think it may be more of a handshake issue with other HDMI/ARC gear in the chain. Thanks for sharing about this unit!

It was way out of my price range as well. Most expensive musical component I’ve ever purchased or even considered. Usually the more expensive components are things I read about and envy those that can enjoy them.

My OPPO worked fine with the HDMI connection to the NUC/Rock for multi-channel and Stereo Flac files but Roon would not play DSD over HDMI. My only other option for DSD was the USB connection to the OPPO and that was 2 channel only.

My frustrations with switching zones to accommodate channels, subs and file formats got the best of me. Begging was involved, and I won’t be getting any Christmas or Birthday gifts for a few years. But it was worth it, to me.

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Akasa fanless Roon Rock i710gen 16Gb ram - Raspberry pi 4b 8gb ram ropiee - Nas Asustor AS7004 i5 16Gb ram - RME Adi 2dac fs- Khadas Tone 2pro full MQA - Astell&Kern SP1000 Roon ready.

Cambridge Audio CXN Ver 2
Mojo + Poly
Marantz SR6014

Holo Audio May KTE [$5k]

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Main system has a PS Audio Directstream DAC with Bridge II.
Second system has an Ayre QB9DSD with an Auralic Aries.

Using a Teac UD-501 on my main system (~$400 used). I’ll be trying out my ifi HipDac when I set up my Pi streaming station as well.

For headphone listening at the computer, the Topping D90 MQA dac ($800), paired with their A90 Amp.

For two channel listening using large speakers in living room, PS Audio Direct Stream DAC with the Bridge II card as a streamer (pricey but much less pricey when bought used), run through the PS Audio BHK Preamp.

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ASIO over USB to Topping Dx7 Pro DAC/Headphone amp with opamps swapped with a full set of SparkOS SS3602 devices (to my ears a significant upgrade in sound quality).

Roon Core:

Teac USB DAC/Network Player NT-505

2x Teac Power Amplifier AP-505 (bi-amp configuration)


dCS Bartok. Terrific.

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I was using a Chord Qutest and was pretty happy but…the upgrade bug was biting hard and Lumin had been on my radar for a while.

So now I have combined streamer/dac in the form of the most excellent Lumin T2.
Which was on sale brand new in the box at a crazy cheap price…

Linn Selekt DSM with Katalyst DAC
Hugo 2 DAC/Headphone Amp with Hugo 2Go

Currently a UD-501 on my desktop, and an ifi Hipdac with my RoPieee endpoint (I do finsd that Ilike the Burr-Brown chipsets). Will likely put the old modi/vali2 setup to work with it as well for the bedroom setup…