What DLNA App Do You Use With the Chord Poly?

Picked up a Poly this week. Works great with Roon at home, but I bought it for travel too. Trying to find a good quality DLNA app for controlling the Poly (I have my entire CD collection on an SD card.)

Any recommendations for both Android and iOS?

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Not too sure how the poly works ,I got the impression it was a renderer come streamer where does the DNLA server bit come from

I use JRiver media server for DLNA with JRemote as the app but that is JRiver specific

I have also used Creation 5 , originally designed for B &O ,and VLC

VLC is active development so may be worth a look it’s free to and on Android and iOS

If you want an Android server , JRiver have just released JRiver for Android which is a cut down MC reading the local files, it’s still in dev but seems quite stable

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I use Mconnect, There is a Poly thread with everything you ever wanted to know about Poly on headfi

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I just use the SD card and simple controls in Gofigure. I put them in groups on the SD card eg rock, punk, greatest hits then usually just press random.

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Chord is using 8player for iOS and BubbleUPnP for Android.

I also looked on some other DLNA apps too (note: I use only android devices) and in the end gave up on this route. A simple remote control is needed but all apps seem to be players first and foremost and some even servers so one ends up paying too much and/or has to accept advertisements in the app for functionality that’s not used/needed (for my use case and in my opinion). So I ended up with an install of M.A.L.P., but I actually never used it as it turned out that for my mobile usage while traveling the bluetooth connection was good enough (so far) and actually even removed the SD-Card from the Poly.

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I’m using Mconnect right now. So far seems the best of the bunch. Also available on Android and iOS–currently have an Android phone but will probably go back to Apple this year.

@garye Are you referring to Quickplay Controls? All I see is a “No Playlists Found” message.

Didn’t like these apps. I want something simple so will try Soundirok and M.A.L.P.

Thanks all!

Yes quick play controls. You have to create your SD card in some way that gofigure recognises. I use dapper on a Mac mini but there are other programmes.

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You can search quick play here and it has all sorts of great advice, useless advice, opinions that are good, bad and indifferent. A bit like here really!

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MConnect is the best for DLNA. Rigelian for MPD.