What do I need to do to connect Roon on my Mac to my Synology NAS? [Answered]

Hey Roon! I’m sure I’m doing something boneheaded but can’t figure it out. My music is organized on a Synology NAS attached to a Mac. When I originally installed Roon life was good… and then an update happened and now I can’t connect. Understand that AFP is not the preferred transport. I do use my NAS as a target for Time Machine which uses AFP.

When I go into Roon > Settings > Storage and try to select the volume, I get the following

I have gone into Finder and cmd -K to Select Server and used smb to connect to my synology, I get the same result…

What specifically do I need to either within Synology to turn off AFP for Roon? If I do that, will it allow Time Machine connectivity? Is there something else I need do within my Mac?

Thanks much, John

Hey @jpdoyle3,

Why don’t you try adding the NAS as a watched folder by entering the smb path directly in Roon?

Let’s say your music is in a folder called Music, stored on your NAS which is at and which is named DiskStation.

Start by clicking Add Folder under Watched Folders, then enter either smb:// or smb://DiskStation/Music under Network Path.

Then, enter the user name and password you use for your NAS, and you should be good to go. Let me know if you have any issues John!