What does ARC stand for?

Accessible Remote Core.

Though the first word might be different. Active? Available? Addressable! IDK. But I feel good about the Remote Core part.

I have no insider info on this FWIW. But have been thinking about this question for a while.


Always Requires Connection …
(that is, your core does with 2.0 :face_with_diagonal_mouth:)

Some are not amused at all …

Guess that just means looking for an alternative to Roon 2.0 on my Mac (1.8 legacy?) when in a remote cottage for 2 weeks. Not a massive issue for me, but a bit surprised by this decision and the arguments put forward in favour by Roon.

Ah, well, we have ARC and I like that a lot.


Well- the topic title should be clear already : What do the letters ARC stand for ?
What is the acronym, or otherwise-hidden-meaning ?

I know audio return channel (used in HDMI). What is your meaning, dear Roon people ?

edit. CRAP. Question was asked a million times before. and no answer exists. Thanks anyway:) !

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What about Away Remote Control?

I’d like to know why on earth they would ever name it ARC when that acronym is already known in the audio industry for Active Room Correction.

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naming things is hard and Active Room Correction is not really known. ARC and eARC for HDMI is probably better known, and even then its a weird esoteric feature of a cable. I don’t think there is any confusion possibilities.

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Are you saying that it stands for AudioReturnChannel?



Well, that is a novel meaning. How about AcronymRoonCreated?




It is all pretty silly and unimportant. Still, I’d prefer something not already encumbered with other meanings.


Roon stated in another post that it isn’t an acronym, but without any further explanation of what it means. :roll_eyes:

When I was invited as a beta tester, I thought ARC was something completely different (there was no explanation of what it was in the invitation). I wasn’t the only one that thought it was something different (room correction).

I wondered if ARC might have been an internal codename that made the leap to an actual feature name. Internal codenames can sometimes have a huge impact on how software engineering and marketing teams think about and conceptualize a feature.

I think if they’d styled it Roon Arc instead of Roon ARC we’d likely be having a very different conversation. :wink:

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New features usually have internal code names, but - usually - they are given “real” names when shipped. They could have asked for name suggestions before making it public, but I guess they didn’t want to end up with Roony McRoonface.




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Why does everyone assume that what ARC stands for must be some English phrase,?

If some of the projects I worked on shipped with their codenames they’d be named after chemical elements, WWII aircraft, and large lakes. All in all, a good thing they didn’t, I think.

My favorite codenames were Ren and Stimpy for two companions projects. :joy:

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Alpha - Romeo - Charlie

I don’t think ARC stands for anything. It’s probably a random name someone chose.

Off the top, I’d say:

  1. English-only website

  2. Roon being founded in an English-speaking (well, loosely English :wink:) country

I’ve had an automated message from the Roon team regarding a post I made yesterday.

Roon and the community are correct that it could have been seen as offensive.

This was not my intention, but was meant as a bit of light hearted banter.

However, in hindsight I realise it was not the best kind of thing to write.

I sincerely apologise for any offence anyone took from it.

Again, it was not my intention to cause offense.

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