What does I need to have my Roon Core on, as minimum?

Hi Dear Roon Community Fellows.

I have only my Roon Core on my “old Pc laptop” nowadays.
As remote control I use a iPad or iPhone.
And a Allo USBridge.
This works perfectly but, I don’t use my computer anymore to anything else.
So it’s would be nice to get rid of it totally, and have my Roon Core on something else.
I use the Roon DSP, The Headroom Management, Sample Rate Conversion (mostly in the Max PCM Rate and the Filter, sometimes I use it for DSD music).
The Parametric EQ only 5 Bands modestly so I keep it Audioble!
Crossfeed when I’m listening with headphones.

So it’s not taking much on my “old i5 processor on my Pc laptop”!!!
My i5 processor is properly not as good as the new i3, or slower things :smile:.

So any suggestions are possible for me.
I only want something little and cheaper, and easy to use.
Because it’s only have to handle my Roon Core, I have a NAS that’s taken care of my storing.
I have been thinking about buying a new NAS, so is it possible to have my Roon Core on that it would be great :+1:.
But what kinds of NAS have the opportunity to make it?

Best regards,

I’d look into an Intel NUC with ROCK.

For the NAS question look here:

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I also say

Thanks @bearFNF and @wizardofoz
It says that NAS:
“NAS devices are electrically and mechanically noisy, not optimized for high performance audio, and not especially powerful (for their cost). With the arrival of 6TB and 8TB drives, most people no longer need a multi-disk NAS in the home because all their music can be stored on a single drive, and less expensive machines for running your audio system exist.”

But that noise takes my Entreq products care of, so it’s will be now noise or something else from the NAS.

Is that’s the only two option for me?
If we don’t count in, Mac mini or other versions of mini computers?

Certainly drive sizes nowadays can accommodate large libraries directly connected via usb3 with relative ease. If you use an existing NAS for numerous other benefits then it’s already there…and perhaps hard to justify another disk somewhere. But a NAS is still a better option for many who use it for multiple purposes.

I would certainly recommend if you go the single disk route that it’s a working copy of a master somewhere so you are not spinning your only/master copy


I shall think about it.
The sad thing about having a NUC or buying a new NAS.
It’s that both are not directly cheap and the NUC shall “only” have the Roon Core, nothing else! And the quality doesn’t matter, because it’s not coming any sound from it! Correct me if I’m wrong but the Roon Core is the brain in the Roon system, but don’t have anything with the sound to do! But it’s have a impact on the sound, if the cpu power isn’t enough, but it’s a different thing!
Since no one, not even Roon (does I think) Knows how it’s DSP is going to end!
I mean if Room correction type Dirac…
So it’s a big risk to go for a i3 or i5, if I’m using the DSP much and it’s easier for DSD music especially 256 and 512 to not playing properly.
So it’s a i7 what’s the safest way!
But to have a NUC configured as Roon suggestion for ROCK, standing and collecting dust feeling stupid!
And buying Roon’s own creation, well it’s the same thing it’s the i7 who’s will be needed and for only $2.000USD!!!

So because I have built up my Roon with the Core on “my old Pc laptop” the remote control on my iPad and a special made Allo USBridge by Entreq (so it’s not a cheap product anymore)!
I’m so thankful and happy/satisfied with the amazing sound I have.
So doesn’t I want to change and get back to the hole Roon system in one device!

And I a NAS that’s working perfectly and I don’t get many penny for it, if I could sell it!
And a new NAS that’s made to handle the Roon Core as well, as it’s other main functions, don’t feels great and it’s not especially a low budget NAS that’s can do this!
So for the moment does it feeling better to blow my “old Pc laptop” totally clean and just have the Roon Core on it (of course the important things like ethernet…).
And place it a wardrobe and restarting sometime to reboot it and otherwise just let it run 24/7, so I only have to see it when I reboot it :).

And who’s now, maybe something else perfectly solution comes up before it gives up or maybe my NAS doing it, so I don’t have any other options but buying a new one that fulfills the demands :).

You who’s reading this and thinking that I’m, only should buy something that is great now matter!
But there’s three big things that stopping me from doing it!

  1. Before did I just bought it now matter what it costed!
    I worked with myself for many years to stop doing that, because it gave me consequences later!
  2. I was fighting against cancer between August 2012 and defeated it, and was going through a operation in June and July 2016, the doctors were able to remove my tumor! Followed by a hard and tough cell poison treatment for 2 months, that strikeout my hole body’s self defense!
  3. So in December/January 2016/2017 started I not feel well and the 6 of February did I get really sick and when I came to the hospital said the doctors if I had fallen asleep that evening so hadn’t I woke up the next day till 90% and have I fallen asleep the next day so hadn’t I woke up again to 99.99%!!!
    The reason why I was so close to die, I had only +48 in oxygen to my blood normal is +96 so it’s was only half depending on what my right lung was filled with water! So I have spent little more than 8 weeks on the hospital in 5 times!
    So the 6 of November was it 9 months of sickness in pneumonia and they haven’t found the reason yet! So I’m going to the hospital in the end of now in November for a little check they shall make one or two holes in my chest and get into my left and right lung with a little camera and see if the many, many different X-rays have missed something! So they shall look if there’s anything tinny what is in my lungs and casing this now little more than 9 months of sickness in pneumonia!
    I haven’t laying on the hospital since the first week in September and it’s nice :+1:, but it’s taking hard on me and my body, I have lost almost 30 Kg in weight and I’m not fat!
    It’s not free to lay on hospital in Sweden it costs 10€ each day and I have spent around 70 day’s so it’s 700€ and another 300€ for the ambulance and all medical!

So since I got sick in cancer in August 2012 until today November 2017 haven’t I been able to work either so I have lost a lot of money this 5 and half year!
And a lot of hospital bills to pay!

But the most important thing is that I’m alive and it’s my music interest and to listen to music, what’s a great part in my recovering especially from the cancer! But also in my pneumonia!


I don’t know what could be cheaper than an existing computer that you have and you know works?

Smaller options are available but you could also configure your existing laptop to stay running when the lid is closed and tuck it away by your NAS.

Hi and thanks @DrTone

Bye the way you write configure your existing laptop to stay running when the lid is closed! I suppose that you mean that I shall let it run when the “looking is close”? And I shall remove my NAS from the computer! How do I what?
Well the NAS doesn’t have to be among the other 2 hard disk on the computer, because it’s in my network!

You mention smaller, so I figured the laptop sitting out not being used for anything but Roon Core was an annoyance. So I suggested leaving it running with the lid closed someplace where it’s out of site and continue using Roon as you are.

Okay, yes exactly I’m not using it for anything else, but for the Roon Core.
I have a good friend that have a little computer store and service/repair…
I shall take it to him, so he can remove everything that not is necessary for the computer, and just laying and taking power and memory from the cpu and ram memory! So it’s just the Roon Core that gets everything.