What does the "little clock" mean by some of my Roon titles, and why does it cut them off?

Listening to a playlist today of a combo of Tidal and local FLAC titles, and many of my tracks are ending early and going to the next song. I looked at my queue and many of these songs have little clocks next to them (in the same column as the “microphone” icon).

What’s going on here?

Do you mean this?


It means that real-time lyrics are available and can be displayed on compatible TVs and web bowsers.

Of those tracks that are ending early, can you check if they’re TIDAL? Also, it’d be helpful if you shared a little about your setup.

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Thanks I think I’ve got this sorted out… that is good to know about the little clock symbol.

Also, it seems like the tracks that were cutting off early only seemed that way because I was listening to a playlist on shuffle, and these were tracks that on the normal record would crossfade or continue into new tracks. So in shuffle it sounded like they were getting cut off.


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