What does the Version field map in Flac

My guess is: Because of possible conflicts with other (for example the folder name based approach [brackets]) methods. Version might be populated with conflicting/unwanted/unexpected (by the user) data placed there by auto-tagging software and errors might be harder to detect/troubleshoot compared to the path (brackets) based approach.

More general: Roon treats all file metadata as tainted. There is no file metadata shown by default (at least as long as the album is identified and sufficient data is available in the cloud) throughout Roon.

@support one more thing, does Roon support any variations of the VERSION field such as ALBUMVERSION because it is not a very good fieldname to be using in the underlying formats since VERSION could mean anything, not at all obvious that it refers to an album version

I suspect not my custom tag was [Album Version] , this didn’t work, maybe the space could confuse

Did an experiment and gave different songs on the same album a different value for VERSION, and also made some songs have the same value to see if Roon would pick the most popular value.

What I found was it displayed all the versions found, and there was no discernible order, appeared random

I wonder if it would be better to only pick the most popular version tag (DVD Audio in this case because used by 4 tracks) , or if you want them all to display either in order of popularity or track order ?

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