What does this message mean?

I am trying to troubleshoot the issue I am facing with the portable Sparrow DAC on my iMac (it works fine on my wife’s MBP) - so going through Console, I found this Roon error:

nw_path_close_fd Failed to close guarded necp fd 7 [9: Bad file descriptor]

Does it mean anything at all?

And this one here from coreaudiod, if anyone can help:

HALS_MIGServer.cpp:1806:HALS_Object_GetPropertyData_DAI32: HALS_Object_GetPropertyData_DAI32: the object does not implement the property

Same OS version on both machines?

‘the object does not implement the property’ seems to indicate that the instantiated object does have the necessary variable that the caller uses when calling.

If so, then something might be out of date. Whether that is causing your issues or not is another thing.

Yep, I am really struggling - the portable DAC stops working after playing/skipping a few tracks:

  • fine on my wife’s Mojave MBP;

  • not fine on my Mojave iMac;

  • not fine on my Mac mini (core Roon) with Catalina.

Since my iMac is by far more crowded with software/legacy stuff, I was trying to find out whether Console could tell me something - I am also considering a hardware issue with the DAC. But if it works on the MBP, it cannot be…

Still trying to understand why the Sparrow DAC keeps crashing - does anyone here understand what the following means (taken from Mac’s Console when the DAC stops working)?

default 17:09:08.020095+0100 coreaudiod Heap has 1 items
default 17:09:08.020140+0100 coreaudiod 44: ‘AppleHDAEngineInput:1B,0,1,1:2’
default 17:09:08.020176+0100 coreaudiod Arrival Time: (11, 5000000000)
default 17:09:08.020210+0100 coreaudiod Transport: ‘bltn’
default 17:09:08.020245+0100 coreaudiod Input Data Source: ‘line’
default 17:09:08.020277+0100 coreaudiod Output Data Source: ‘’
default 17:09:08.020309+0100 coreaudiod Input Kind: Other
default 17:09:08.020343+0100 coreaudiod Output Kind: None
default 17:09:08.020375+0100 coreaudiod Can Be Input: yes
default 17:09:08.020407+0100 coreaudiod Can Be Output: no
default 17:09:08.020440+0100 coreaudiod Can Be System: no
default 17:09:08.020523+0100 coreaudiod HALS_DefaultDeviceManager::PickDefaultDevice: 'dIn ’
default 17:09:08.020637+0100 coreaudiod HALS_DefaultDeviceManager::PickDefaultDevice: 'dIn ’ <<<—
default 17:09:08.020740+0100 coreaudiod HALS_DefaultDeviceManager::UpdateDefaultDevice: 'dIn ’ <<<—
default 17:09:08.020802+0100 coreaudiod HALS_DefaultDeviceManager::CheckForChanges: 'dIn ’ <<<—
default 17:09:08.020896+0100 coreaudiod -----------------------------------
default 17:09:08.020992+0100 coreaudiod HALS_DefaultDeviceManager::CheckForChanges: ‘dOut’ —>>>
default 17:09:08.021096+0100 coreaudiod HALS_DefaultDeviceManager::UpdateDefaultDevice: ‘dOut’ —>>>
default 17:09:08.021199+0100 coreaudiod HALS_DefaultDeviceManager::FindPreferredDefaultDevice: ‘dOut’ —>>>
default 17:09:08.021480+0100 coreaudiod HALS_DefaultDeviceManager::FindPreferredDefaultDevice: ‘dOut’

Me no speak macOS so pretty, but does your Sound gizmo look the same on the iMac as on the MBP?


Well, the issue is the portable Sparrow DAC connected to my headphones - so when they are plugged in, they look the same in the Sound preferences.

OTOH, that Console issue is only showing up on the Mac mini and the iMac - absolutely no clue why this is happening (at least I tried to replicate the issue on the MBP, to no avail).

Hey @ricgf,

Thanks so much for the effort you put into discovering what may be causing this behavior with your Sparrow DAC and the iMac and Mac Mini - sorry about the trouble.

I am also very sorry it took us this long to get back to you - I sure wish it was going to be much sooner :pleading_face:

Thanks @xxx for chiming in with extremely helpful posts!

Where are things standing now @ricgf? We’d love to help :pray:

Tks a lot, @beka - in the end I returned the Sparrow to the retailer (as a defective article) and will be getting another portable DAC.

Hey @ricgf,

I appreciate you keeping us updated! I’m sorry for the way things turned out, especially if you were attached to your Sparrow :bird:

If you’d like a starting point in your research for a new portable DAC, you can always check out our partners list:

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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