What happens with the lifetime subscribers if the company folds or is sold?

(Lloyd Borrett) #82

Your question makes an assumption that an economically significant number of Roon users only do so because it supports a streaming service like Tidal and would leave the Roon community if there was no access to a streaming service. It may or may not be a valid assumption.

I for one have never used Tidal. I prefer to own 100% of my content. Your assumption doesn’t apply to me.

(Sander vg) #83

You are 100% right! That is an assumption from my site. I think that for the coming years less and less music lovers will own content and that streaming services like Spotify have the future in their hands. For sure, I wouldn’t invest my money in an ecosystem that doesn’t cater for a music streaming service. That is the reason why I’m a bit worried about the future of Roon and why I’m interested in the view of Roon. Do they share your opinion and don’t they really care if Tidal disappears? Or do they care a lot and do they have a fallback scenario in their mind? (whether my assumption is or is not true doesn’t really matter. Nobody can tell for sure anyway… :slight_smile: )


I don’t stream at all, and even so I think your question is most reasonable and as such deserves a serious and direct answer, rather than referring to a thread of 80+ posts, not answering your question.

(Lloyd Borrett) #85

You may be right for the great unwashed who don’t care that they’re listening to low-res streaming services. But Roon isn’t aimed at those people. It’s aimed at the niche market of those who appreciate high-res sources, even those that like to try to enhance the high-res sources. Thus Roon probably aren’t that interested in supporting service like iTunes and Spotify with low-res. I suspect we’d see support for other high-res streaming services added first.


Are you aware that Tidal and Qobuz offer hi-res streaming for quite some time now, including — for example — almost the entire ECM catalogue?

(Robert ) #88

There is no direct answer yet? Some hints, but nothing direct.

(Tony Reimann) #89

I doubt you will get a direct answer from Roon. If I was them I would consider it commercially sensitive information.

(Christoph Longree) #90

I have to say that the plain fact of knowing that I will still be able to use Roon in the latest developed form in the rather unlikely case the company ceases to exist already comforts me as a lifetime member… the thought of missing out on this great software, should it become unavailable due to a ceased company, already lets me appreciate the invest.

But - more than this - I really think it is extremely unlikely that the company fails - there are way too many connections between big players in the hardware section and other benefits… so many products that advertise to be “Roon Ready” etc… many interests out there in keeping this product alive… also - in the also unlikely case Tidal should cease to exist (a rumor that has been going on for years and always proven wrong) there will be alternative streaming services that can be integrated…

No worries at all here - just a happy lifetime subscriber… :slight_smile:

(Sander vg) #91

Thanks for the responses! I see the argument of the connection with major hardware providers. I’m still hoping on a response from a Roon representative. Even if they are not willing to comment, I would appreciate that response.

(Henry) #92

Then ask them. Actually copy them in on this.

(Michael) #93

It would be fascinating to know what current percent of Roon users also use Tidal. I, for one, do not (being the music collecting dinosaur that I am ;-). But having bought a lifetime subscription to Roon nearly 3 years ago, my confidence in their long-term business strategy has only improved. Qobuz is about to be brought on board and I have no doubt Roon Labs has numerous other tricks up their sleeves for the future.


I do not use Tidal, have 2.5k cds ripped to Nas and about the same number of L.P’s.
That will take quite a while to get through.

(GaryM) #95

I’m confused on what they could actually say other than what they’ve already said about releasing a final version not dependent on “cloud” checking on our subscription status so we could continue to use Roon for local music.

Almost any company expects to survive and prosper. And no bankrupt company gives refunds.

I’ve already received full benefit of my lifetime subscription even if they go out of business tomorrow given the annual fee. I’m now in pure benefit phase for every month they survive.


This is exactly what made me pull the Trigger for lifetime when after I initially opened this thread in October 2015, Danny Dulai, COO of roon confirmed that I can keep using roon in the last developement state, even if roon ceases to exist :+1:

(Christoph Longree) #97

Considering streaming will be around for a long long time you really can’t go wrong… I actually find it more likely that Roon will abandon the lifetime option sometime in the future - as it would certainly bring more Money to the company… or - to put it the other way - lifetime subscription really is a bargain when u look at it on the long run…

… so now - with the information we already have - I would be more worried about not having pulled the trigger on the lifetime subscription while it was still available :wink:

(Stefan) #98

This is interesting. Since I once asked prior making up my mind about which license to go for.
My knowledge till now is …roon does work as long as the core gets informed from roon’s license server that the account got a valid license.
This will be impossible if there’s no license server, or if a non-lifetime-licence timed out.
Would be nice if someone from @support could give a clear statement, since it’ll be a MAJOR argument for or against a lifetime license.

(Henry) #99

A clear statement has been given. It is in this very thread.


These statements were made back in October 2015 and nothing has changed as far as we know. On the basis of that I went for lifetime part of the way through my first year.

Why Roon? What are our reasons to stick with Roon?
(Danny Dulai) #100

@StefanB – see above at @Henry_McLeod’s post.

(Stefan) #101

@danny :wink: my advice is then to put this into https://roonlabs.com/pricing.html since it’s not obvious at all to upcoming/new users. Not to me in fact.

It’s pretty common that if you subscribe to a service it’ll last until the service provider will be gone (no matter what might have ever caused this). Had this way to often in the past.

From your lines I get it’ll end up similar to MusicIP which became reduced in functionality since their servers quit down, but the software on it’S own remained full functional locally with the foreseable limitations.

Think I’ll put the ‘upgrade for a lifetime license’ on my wishlist 4 santa then
(wife being my personal santa, haha)

thanks a lot for getting this explained …

(Edward) #102

Which begs the question, when Roon goes out of business will the software still work?

All the metadata and other features? Not being open source means it can’t live on like LMS/Squeezelite.

Why Roon? What are our reasons to stick with Roon?