What happens with the lifetime subscribers if the company folds or is sold?


There is a statement on what happens if Roon closes. They would close the need for internet connection and Roon would work as is disconnected.

You can also export some of the metadata in Roon to your files



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What happens to Roon lifetime subscribers if

  • Apple folds ?
  • Microsoft folds ?
  • Linux folds
  • Intel folds
  • Ben Folds folds?

Can Danny et al ensure us that Roon will still work on iPad’s, and PCs if this happens?

If not the least I think Roon should do is give free lifetime membership to everyone on the forum with a moan quotient of 1.76325 or below.


where v is the average amount of words per post, F is the amount of times the words bug, folder support or UPnP are mentioned. M is the ratio of positive to negative comments in a members posts, and L is the 1/emojis used per post.


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