What I would have liked in Roon 1.7

“Pick” sign in composition’s parts coming back after disappearing more than one year ago :roll_eyes:
(reported this back then + again a couple of months ago)

AKA a Roon 1.8 wishlist. Well, my wishlist has remained the same for the last few years:

  1. Better album management on an artist page - e.g. the ability to split items into albums, singles & EPs, bootleg and anthologies.

  2. Better album art management - the ability to label art as front, back, leaflet, etc and then to select only that one from a list. The ability to delete art items from Roon. The ability to rearrange the order of art items.

  3. Better box set handling; the ability for each item in a box set to have its own page with individual metadata.

  4. The ability to “group” items that belong in a series (but are not in a box set).

  5. Allow the user to add extra album reviews, or to add one when there isn’t one. Allow the user to add or edit the artist description.

  6. Remote playback over the internet.

  7. The ability for Roon to show the discography for an artist & highlight the albums the user doesn’t have.

  8. A more detailed waveform seekbar.


I was really hoping that this year we would have access to our Roon system while away from home. I have a rather large library of music and would like nothing more than to be able to play Roon through my smart phone while driving down the road… I thought this was on the near-mid-term roadmap, I suppose I was mistaken. I hope it remains as a planned feature. I want Roon as my musical player, not just when I’m home.


@c2c2c2 The elephant in the room here is mobile access to the core introduces the risk of “Core Sharing”. You could share a core and a Tidal subscription with friends/relatives etc. I’m not suprised Roon haven’t rushed to implement this. Netflix are currently trying to deal with it.


i get your point
but for example, my PLEX Server, used for video, can stream to my mobile device over internet.
i would like a streaming function in roon, without Tidal, just for local stored music
at the moment, i do this with the server on my synology nas and an App, does work, but roon is far better in handling

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Agreed that such a risk exists but I believe it is small. There are easy ways to limit this to the point where there is little business/financial/license risk for Roon and the benefit to Roon users far outweighs the risk.

  • Limit remote connections to only one simultaneous connection (delivers the feature for 95% of users)
  • Limit to only one remote device - allow change of authorized remote device only once per month.
  • Limit remote access to only the “owned” portion of the library - e.g. don’t ‘re-stream’ content from Tidal etc. (network inefficient anyway).
  • Require a remote device to connect locally to the Roon core once a week to remain valid as a remote access device.

I have no doubt there are many more. This is a ‘solved’ problem for many other music servers, I am unclear as to why Roon would not be able to similarly address it. If it’s the re-streaming of Tidal, which is certainly a potential license issue, that’s easy enough to carve out and I believe the user community would accept this limitation if they were able to access their own library.

I still look for SACD ISO integration into Roon.


It may not be the real thing but data I’ve added to files in the comment tag are now accessible via Track … View File Info:

i use a free program called iso2dsd for splitting ISO into DSF
the dsf files are taggable (with mp3tag) and roon plays them without any problem



It seems like you could easily prevent core sharing by allowing only one or maybe two streams from home — more could be too much for many home connections anyhow. If that’s not enough you would define a specific Roon user profile to be able to use mobile streaming, which would further decrease any impetus to share your music profile (taste & playlist data) with others.

edit: just adding to what @c2c2c2 said before.

Proper user management and a party/guest mode that can’t change the database. We’ve been waiting for this for a L O N G T I M E !

Ability to get a list of albums I don’t have by an artist. Ability to print the list, or expert it to my smartphone.

Ability to lookup the database while remote from home/work would be great. To play music even better.


Change the indicator light to a colour that represents the file type being played. Chord Elec do this and it’s quite a useful feature. So you know at a glance if it’s a DSD or 24bit Flac, MQA etc. At the moment it glows light purple or yellow for mp3.

Also, the ability to toggle on or off the recommendations and specify a preference of streaming service. I have both Tidal and Qobuz but prefer Qobuz.


Thank you.
I am aware of that program.
I want to use SACD ISOs directly in Roon.
I ask for this feature since 2015.



Instead, it seems that 1.7 has made it EASIER to permanently deleted music from your library. Easier deletion is the wrong feature to add at this time. Roon should have made party/guest mode available first rather than making it easier for guests to obliterate your library.

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I would like support for Amazon Music HD. They have quality that appears to be the same or better than Tidal for their music.

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Apple Music integration would be nice.


I think this has been requested before too – as Plex seems to be able to do it, it would be nice to have waveforms displayed for Tidal (and Qobuz?) as well.

Another thing I just remembered – if the genre descriptions would contain links just like artist’s bios and reviews, that would be great. I figure this might be connected to the request of being able to edit the bios and reviews, as these links are probably extracted from the Allmusic content, but I’m pretty sure it’s not impossible to generate these links on the fly when a match for a certain artist or genre is found in the library.

I would like:

  • Internal automatic decoding of HDCD content
  • Internal automatic decoding of pre emphasis
  • Remote access to Core
  • Standard app font used within album reviews instead of the current one
  • Ability to add custom icons for non Roon Ready devices (such as Naim DAC V1)
  • Standardise scrolling across app - some pages currently scroll vertically and some horizontally
  • GUI - needs a freshen up

Dirac compatibility
Roon mobile
Better upsampling


Mobile is absolutely #1. For the love of god, please hear our cries!