What, if anything, would I gain from getting a Roon Ready DAC/streaming DAC? Also featuring Topping questions

I apologise if this is too common a subject.

I’m currently using a late 2012 Mac Mini (recently upgraded from a 2010 one that couldn’t run the Core properly) with both an SSD for software and an old-style hard drive for files. I also use Tidal Hi-Fi, and although I’m not really “down” with MQA, I still want to make the best of my Tidal subscription, so I’m considering a DAC upgrade, or sidegrade maybe, from my Hegel HD25 to something like a Topping D90.

I’d love to get a Simaudio MOON Evolution 680D v2, but that would take me years to save up to :laughing: Would look great with my 600i v1, though :wink:

Now, would I gain anything important from getting a DAC or streaming DAC that is also Roon Ready? I don’t have a NAS and the Mac Mini is right next to the DAC. No real need or desire to move it. I can skip, play, pause and such using the Hegel remotes I have, now that the Core is back on the Mini. I figure I’d be able to do the same using a Topping or something similar.

Also, would I be able to completely turn off the display on a Topping D90? This is a feature I greatly appreciate on my Hegel HD25. Remote, two coaxial inputs, at least one optical and, of course, USB are requirements for any DAC suggestions.

No experience with these DACs, but I’ve seen both the Topping and this DAC talked about alot:

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Thank you very much for the suggestion, but I require a display that can be turned off :slight_smile:

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Does that even support MQA or “have” Roon Ready?

No and no but sounds amazing

Why would you make a completely useless suggestion?

Screen turns off sounds great. What more you need?

Roon ready is useless what you need that for?

MQA jury is still out on that

Your welcome

You won’t gain anything from a Roon ready DAC. The D90 screen can’t be turned off, although brightness levels can be reduced.

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You do realise that I have both already, right?

I have the Topping D90 (it’s fantastic). You can’t turn off the display while it’s fully on, but you can put it in standby mode easily, and that turns off the display.

My Topping is connected directly to my Roon Nucleus, and in turn feeds my AVR. Works very well with Roon but don’t know what you’re losing by it not being Roon Ready (which it’s not).

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Thank you very much for your input. The ability to turn off the display, and not just dim the light, is a dealbreaker.

I think the D70 has the option, save for a dot at the bottom I think I could just cover up.