What is happening there?

What is going on there, the system goes back very, very slowly, even resetting Nuc does not help
What is happening there?

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Never mind

Hi Fernand,

Is that never mind you have found the issue and all is well now … or never mind as a response to Slim’s post?

If you still have the problem please don’t suffer in silence, just provide the details that support will require in order to start diagnosing the issue … they are good guys but do need this info…

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Hi @fernand_lambert,

I just wanted to check in and make sure that things are going okay for you here. If things are still slow, please describe your setup and where you’re seeing the slowness and we’d be happy to help!

I think the delay was due to the many tagging work I was working on. There is certainly nothing wrong with the setup, I run roonrock on a Nuc7i5 for quit a while now and without issues. If the system stays slow tomorrow I will report it here


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