What is "Holiday Music" when thumb down on Roon Radio

When Roon Radio is playing if you “Thumbs Down” a track, select “This doesn’t fit” you get a reason called “Holiday Music”

What on earth does this mean?

It means exactly what you think it does. :grinning:

I’m sure you don’t mean it that way but your answer is unhelpful and a bit patronising :slightly_frowning_face:

Certainly didn’t mean it that way, just meant that it literally means Holiday Music, as in song about Christmas and stuff. In the past, people that listened to a lot of Jazz would end up with Roon radio playing a lot of Christmas music since Christmas music usually relates to genres like that

thanks for explaining.
I must say I completely fail to understand why, of all the possible reasons for giving a thumbs down , that would be one.
I mean why not “death metal” or “country music” … seems very silly to me.
And what if you actually want “holiday music” ?

I think it’s just a more specific way to tell Roon Radio that you don’t like a song, but not because you don’t like the genre in general. Let’s say you like Mariah Carey a lot and after you pick a song of hers to play, Roon radio plays a Christmas song she sings. Well if you don’t celebrate Christmas and Western holidays, you may not want to hear Christmas music and you may want to tell Roon radio that you don’t like it because it’s a Christmas song, not because it’s a Mariah Carey song. The reason there is no “death metal”option is because a death metal song is not very likely to come onto Roon radio if you are listening to Mariah Carey. Hopefully you get what I am trying to say. I have no issues with Mariah Carey, it was just the only example I could think of :grinning:

I get what you are saying.
But as a counter example, if I’m listening to Cannibal Corpse I wouldn’t realistically expect to have to exclude any Christmas music.
As another example, many artists have both acoustic and amplified electric music. Why don’t I get the choice to exclude Bob Dylan or Neil Young’s electrified music if I only want their acoustic material?
I prefer jazz music with double-bass, I’d like to “thumbs down” tracks that have electric bass.
The list of completely arbitrary reasons is endless.

Actually, I really like this feature . Holiday music is an American term covering all sorts of material that is often called “seasonal” elsewhere and is usually referring the Christmas Holiday period (I have no idea whether other religious or other “Holidays” are part of the algorithm). The Christmas Carols that sit in my collection being played n the middle of summer is a pet peeve. Having the ability to feedback to ROON to avoid selecting music of this genre is very helpful.
Greater control of how ROON selects the music for the radio is very much appreciated, by me at least.
A useful background from ROONs CTO on how ROON Radio uses the feedback :What does Roon Radio actually DO?

I completely agree.
But it completely baffles me as to why “greater control” comes in the form of flagging “holiday music” as opposed to any one of a hundred other similarly arbitrary terms.

Anyway, I got my question answered.
As you were