What is the advantage of Rock to Core

Sorry for being stupid but what is the advantage of Rock compared to a Core installation for someone like me who only wants to listen vid Roon in my speacially design listening room?

Ulf W. Lundin

A Sweden in the south of France

Hi, @Ulf_Lundin, I guess this article might be useful to read, it can explain what is ROCK in general, and the one about the core :wink:

Long story short ROCK is a Linux based OS with all required pieces to make a Linux based Roon appliance (sound drivers, etc, which means that you install the Core (Roon Server) on it and it can run without any additional actions. And the Core itself is the appliance which can be installed on any machine (Windows, MacOS, Linux) which meets our specs, but sometimes drivers can be needed to run it.

Anyway, my advice here would be to give these articles a go first and then if you have questions, about what you learnt there, ask us again.



Thank you! This makes things very clear. So I understand that my question should have been phrased:

Is there any advantage running Core under Linux or Windows 10 (on an NUC 7i7BNH) if one does not care about having the music streamed?

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Your rephrased question confuses me more than your first question did :grinning:

Perhaps what you meant to ask is:

“Is there any advantage to running Roon on ROCK over running Roon on Linux or Windows 10?”

Using ROCK on a NUC gives you a “Roon appliance” (just as a CD player or a microwave is an appliance. They both have a computer chip inside them, probably running a stripped-down version of Linux, but you never get to see it or worry about it).

Using Roon running on Linux or Windows 10 on a NUC gives you a computer that runs Roon. You have the extra flexibility that a full computer OS gives you (you can run other applications alongside Roon), but you also are responsible for the care and maintenance of the OS.

So the answer to your question depends on which is more important to you. Do you want a Roon appliance or a general-purpose computer that is running Roon?

By asking: “if one does not care about having the music streamed”, are you meaning that you have your audio equipment directly connected to the NUC? In other words, you are not using your home network to connect the Roon Core to a Roon Endpoint? That’s a secondary question, and not really dependent on the answer to your first question.


Thank you! I think this made things more clear to me.

Do I want a Roon appliance or a general purpose computer that runs Roon? Well, in a sense this is what I am trying to find out.

So far I have been using JRiver on a general purpose computer where I also have the audio files. This computer is linked to a M2Tech Young DAC which is XLR connected to the pre-amp.

I would like to use the same solution for Roon but with a dedicated computer - most likely an Intel NUC - on which only the Roon Core and the music files are installed IF NOT there is a substantial advantage having a Linux-based “Roon appliance”.

Thank you again for your patient help.


One of the things about ROCK is that some DAC’s will not be supported at full capabilities. If memory serves me well the older M2Tech DACs might not be supported under Linux in one more capacity.

You can search here for your dac to see if others have any issues.

i.e. Rock support for M2tech Evo first generation