What is the best path? and other issue with connection

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

MacBook Air

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

USB to the Lyngdorf TADI3400 and WiFi also to RoonReady Lyngdorf TADI3400
Description Of Issue
I am trying to find out the best way for connection with my integrated amp/DAC.

When I use the Roon ready feature on my Lyngdorf 3400 and check the audio path through the Roon application I see the following:

This pic shows all details including the EQ and the Room Perfect

When I connect through the USB from MacBook to Lyngdorf 3400 and check the audio path through the Roon application I see the following:

In this pic you will notice the absence of the EQ and Room Perfect processing, although both are active!
Why it is not visible?
What are the green dots? (see the last pic)

Finally, do you see any issue with my connection paths? Is there a better way to connect to the DAC and make sure that I am getting the highest possible quality from TIDAL?


If your amp is Roon Ready use that path as Roon will have full transparency of the signal path and is using the best method. Going via Mac to DAC section will not allow this as Roon has no idea as to what the DAC is doing. It’s green because its using the MACs OS and is not exclusive so the OS could be outputting it at a different rate as Roon has again no idea of what it’s doing.

Yes it is Roon ready but wondering if using Roon raedy through wifi is better than USB connection.
If I will use Roon ready this means that I will rely on wifi.

Better for what exactly? Sq may or may not be better going one way over the other it depends on the quality of the USB connection and your WiFi and your system in general. If your using USB their is potential of extra notice getting to your dac, also the DAC in the amp my be limited on Mac OS you need to check this. You need to ensure you can use exclusive mode for the DAC or as you signal path shows your not lossless. Also Roon has no knowledge of any of the amps processing as it’s not reported over usb so it may not deliver lossless due to this. Check in the device settings if you can turn on exclusive mode.

In the end only you can decide what sounds better nobody else as everyone’s setup is different. Is the laptop wiress too that’s running the Roon core? If so I would recommend you get it on a wired connection as having core wireless can lead to other issues with stability and streaming from Tidal etc.

Myself if my unit was Roon Ready I would use Roon that way as that’s what’s intended on it and you get the full Roon transparency of signal path.

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