What is the difference between a device that is “Roon Ready,” and a “Roon Endpoint”?

This is the most confusing and obscured method of asking a support question I’ve ever seen and I’ve been using computers since 1981. That said, my question is simple: what is the difference between a device that is “Roon Ready,” and a “Roon Endpoint”?

Roon Ready’ network players (aka Roon Endpoints) from have Roon’s high-resolution streaming technology RAAT built right in. Roon will discover them on the local network, deliver the highest possible quality audio.

Roon Tested’ is a term indicating that the USB DAC that has undergone and passed a certification process. The manufacturer submits their device to Roon, Roon tests it and gives it a certification. Once it has passed, they can call themselves ‘Roon Tested’.
‘Roon Tested’.

See: https://roonlabs.com/partners.html

Thank you for the quick reply. So the answer to my question is that there is NO difference between a Roon Ready and Roon Endpoint device? They are basically two names for the same capabilities?

Not to belabor the point but my Naim Muso is listed as Roon Ready, but only seems to support Roon via Apple’s Airplay, which AFAIK is limited to 24/96 resolution. As it does not seem to support RAAT perhaps you understand my confusion. Or is that only because it is connecting via WiFi and not wired Ethernet?

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.

Hi @Tim_Loeb,

The Naim Mu-So is not “Roon Ready”. Roon can only stream to it via AirPlay not Roon’s RAAT protocol.

Other Naim devices are Roon Ready, details are on the Naim site.

Thanks, that’s the source of my confusion. Are the new Naim Uniti devices endpoints or only Airplay accessible?

BTW I love Marvin in the HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE movie, great avatar.

Check out the Roon Partners Naim page.

PS I really must get all those diodes sorted :wink: