What is the latest on Roon and Devialet AIR support - going on a month with no updates

Well I suppose - at least for the new streamerboard - it would be tricky to come sooner than the board itself. :wink:

Given the “leaks” from Danny at Munich, I was hoping/ assuming that Roon would be there from the launch. I guess we have to wait and see …

Did not Devialet say that this upgrade could be done by the users? Now it has to go back to Devialet once more…the ones that had problems with UPS are not going to be happy.

Yeah that was a bit of a surprise. I had a good experience with UPS but even so each round trip to Paris is a risk for an expensive and beautifully finished piece of electronics. Maybe they will still offer the dealer fit later, although again no offence to dealers but I’d actually be happy to fit it myself (I’m sure I’d be at least as careful if not more so). But who takes responsibility if it doesn’t work or damage is caused.

Indeed; I was hoping that Roon talking directly to AIR wouldn’t depend on the new streamer board. Fingers still crossed.

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I also had a good experience with UPS sending in my 400 but you see so many having problems with the shipping. Perhaps we who live in the EU have less problem…hope the Brexit dont happen before Devialet comes around to do the upgrade :slight_smile:
Well as I decided to sell my Devialets this has little impact to me but I hope the new OS will come with a new Spark app that’s better so I can get a nicer experience with controlling my Phantom.

Come on, @Danny… spill the beans. You know you want to. Just between us Roonies. We’ll keep it secret. Promise.

Promise, keep it secret

I think Devialet changed their mind and we are out of luck.

Anything. . .anything at all?

I attended a Devialet day at a dealer in the U.K. last week and the devialet engineer and sales manager I spoke to were surprised when I asked when Roon would be including AIR, in fact they said there must be a spy in the factory! However, they did confirm that it’s coming and that it isn’t tied up with the new streamer board so we should see it soon, wouldn’t tell me what they were waiting for though!

I do find it a bit strange that this is being treated as a “big secret”. To what purpose? In any event, I am excited to see how this plays out. As a Devialet Expert Pro owner and a big Roon fan, I gotta believe it’ll be a good thing.

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I am sure that it is soon on its way, and it will be fantastic :heart_eyes:.

That’s me being super positive :rofl:.

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Being a non Pro owner this would be great news for me. I expect the delay is waiting for Devialet to release new firmware. Roon AIR support will very likely require some firmware changes.


it’s out…