What is the maximum number of zones that I can have with Roon

Hello I would like to know how many zones can I have in a roon enviroment

This thread is over a year old but may still be relevant. Essentially it is hardware/resource dependent depending upon how much DSP you may need to do for each zone, so explain what you want to do and someone from Roon can comment on viability.

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Thanks. An example of what I would like to do, is using a computer as a core with good processing (core i7 11th gen, 16gb ram, ssd) to have 10 simultaneous streaming without using the DSP.

Remember all zones must support the same streaming type. So all RAAT or all chrome cast etc.

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To clarify: this is only true if you want to group the zones to stream the same thing to them all at the same time. If the zones are run independently, then it doesn’t matter if they are RAAT/Sonos/etc.

As to the OP, you state ten zones with no DSP. That is very low resource usage, even a low-end core could handle that without issue. Just make sure the core is hardwired and not connected via Wi-Fi.


Depends on how robust the WiFi network is as well if endpoints are wireless if grouped that would put a strain on any single access point system.

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A lot depends on whether you mean available zones or simultaneously playing zones

Most the above will probably mean simultaneously playing , eg CPU capacity, DSP usage , Wi-Fi capacity etc.

If its a “few” playing then I saw a number bandied around of “up to 20” , but you probably wouldn’t get away with playing all at the same time but you could switch between them.

AFAIK there is no limit in Roon just the surrounding hardware

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