What is the proper category to report a bug?

When I report a bug, I don’t necessarily expect an immediate solution. After all, fixing a bug requires development and testing. I would however expect to have some sort of acknowledgment about my report. Either by confirming that the bug has been reproduced by the team, or by asking for more information.

Based on this, I chose to report a bug using the Feedback category. A category that is supposedly monitored by Roon. The report was back in February. There has not been a single response, and the bug is still present in the latest version.

Is Feedback not the right category to use? Should I use Support instead?

All posts in the Feedback category are read by the Roon Labs team, but they very rarely, if ever, post a response or acknowledgement.

So the Feedback category is the correct place to report bugs - just don’t expect a response, or an immediate fix.

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Thanks for confirming Geoff