What is your favourite feature?

Have been playing with Roon all last night. My next quandary is whether to sign up for a year or a life-time.

The way it builds its own library of the collection is very smart, allowing the metadata to be kept up to date negating any need for manual tagging, sorting. Leading to playing by genre, similar mood etc very effective.

I love the radio feature!

What’s your favorite feature?


I love the filters to search for specific music and the uderlying metadata strategy to use e.g. also (optionally with own mapping) own genres and have the option to have a music file tagged with more than one genre. This is what I missed a long time using sonos (1:1 only).

As a lover of symphonic and classical music I would adore the works function if the results were more reliable to find all pieces e.g. CDs , single set extractions, or modern compositions/interpretations “based on” or “belonging to” a “work”. I know it’s hard (think about building

weren’t easy to develop and needed a long time to be a accepted as standard archive systems) but please don’t give up to achieve a good basis for a transparent roon work library. As far as I see roon is in an advanced position.

Thanks so far - roon is already a valuable tool also in that respect

Other Performances…I really like seeing then hearing the various versions of a favorite song in my library. Second favorite is artist biographies.

So much I love about Roon… Of course the sleek UI, metadata and interlinked content is awesome. What initially sold me on a lifetime license was when they started supporting Squeezeboxes as endpoints. That has only gotten better with the proliferation of endpoints - many quite inexpensive to adopt.

One very pleasant surprise is the way I can “focus” down just within my hi-res albums without having to rely on tagging to do so. That’s a big win.

But, given all the above and so much more, my most favorite aspect of Roon is right here: this incredibly robust and well supported community forum. A benchmark in customer support if there ever was one.


My favourite Roon activity is discovering new music, following links between musicians. The Tidal integration just makes that come alive so I would pick that as my favourite feature.

I come to the forum and see a myriad of “hassle” threads, how about a few “happy” threads.

So what’s your favourite thing about Roon. Just one mind. No long lists. Sit down and think what is the one thing that makes Roon magical for you.

For me it has to be discovery. The last Tidal album I added was by Metro and contained the original of the song I knew from Bowie’s Let’s Dance - criminal world. I got to this as I was listening to a Jackie album to pick out those 70’s songs that are secret pleasures (Boogie Nights by Heatwave anyone?) when I clicked on one of the tracks I had no memory of Journey by Duncan Brown, nothing amazing about the track to my ears but I clicked his name just to see and eventually ended up at

I can’t imagine I would ever have heard this album except for Roon.


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Roon provides me more listening enjoyment by ease of use, and when using the Roon/Tidal combination, the opportunity to access additional artists which are similar to, or associated with my musical interests.

Roon has been nothing short of a game changer for my music hobby.

Discovery ! Hours can pass and I end up nowhere near where I started. Its worth every cent

@Sloop_John_B: while I share your sentiment – this is unnecessary cruel. Naming just one? :slight_smile:

If I must: RAAT.

It’s difficult to single out just one thing from the Roon experience, but if pushed, I’d actually go for the the posts in this community forum from the Roon folks such as @brian and @danny where they take the time to explain some of the technology, and why certain choices have been made. It gives me a warm feeling over the quality of the software and their capability of delivering a superior experience.


The initial feature that got me was the non-invasive nature of library management… just point it at my library folder and it sucks everything in, regardless of format without screwing anything up.

The two features that really make Roon sticky is Tidal integration and the fact that I can utilize Roon in other parts of the house using my old Airplay devices.

My favorite feature are the hyperlinks used in the artist bios and album reviews. Goes good with my short attention span.