What network streamer are you using with your DAC?

Hi - Just bought a Sabre X Pro to use with Roon, what USB network streamers are people using with their DAC’s?

LUMIN D2 With SBooster

RPi with RoPieee.


Several RPi with and without Hifiberry Digi+ Pro and RoPieee here.
Also an Oppo 203.

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Cambridge 851N

I use integrated DAC/streamers (Linn and Naim) for main listening, but feeding dacs for headphone systems I use UltraRendus - brilliant little streamers.

Integrated DAC/streamer - Lumin T2.

Same here, Lumin T2
Before switching to the T2, I used Auralic Aries G2.1 and McIntosh DA2

RPi 4B with RoPieee


RPi4 with Ropieee.

FWIW, I started out with a microRendu feeding my DAC (a Quad Artera Link), then sold it and used an Allo USBridge in its place. This in turn was sold and replaced by the RPi4 running Ropieee. I’m perfectly satisfied with the current setup and have not felt that any degradation in SQ has occurred… But then again, I’ve never claimed to have Golden Ears™


What made you switch from Allo USBridge to a RPi4? Aren’t they very similar?

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Well, both are SBCs (Single Board Computers), but different designs (Sparky vs Raspberry Pi). The Allo had a HAT for the USB, as I recall, but I’m just using the USB on the RPi4.

Living Room: Sonos Port, connected to a B&O Beocenter 9500 system.

In my office: Linn Majik DSM4, gives better sound quality.

following: setting up a new system and want to use USB into the Mac. I have a RPi/Ropiee in another room, and like it, but wondered what the next “step up” might be.

has anyone had success using the USB out of the latest version of the Bluesound Node?

I have:
Room 1: Matrix Audio- Mini I Pro3 for main, & Pi4/Chord Mojo for headphones.
Room 2: MiniDSP SHD running Dirac correction.
Various Sonos devices around the rest of the house.

Raspberry Pi 4. Two with Ropieee XL with the raspi display, two others without display, and one running DietPi. Did a lot of experimenting with USB vs Coax vs Fiber to the various DACs I’m using. No difference in sound quality to me between any of these so no need for me to spend up for exotic streamers or cables.


Auralic Aries Mini. SPDIF out to Denafrips Ares II.


Raspberry Pi 2 - DietPi :

  • USB → Accuphase E-380 / DAC-60
  • Hifiberry Digi+ Pro → Nuforce DDA100
  • USB → hegel H390

Edit: changed Hifiberry DAC to Digi


Living Room: KEF LS50WII/KC62
Home Office: KEF LSX/Kube8b

I’m a simple man with simple needs.


In my small study I have a Raspberry Pi 3+ with an IQAudio Digi+ HAT which in turn connect to a pair of Stelges NS3 self powered speakers. For the main system I have a Cambridge Audio 851N.