What network streamer are you using with your DAC?

Auralic Aries G2


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Pi 4 with ropieee
Naim Atom
Blueos node digital to amp speakers, analogue to headphone amp
Sonos play 1
Sonos z80 X2
Samsung s21 to earbuds

I use the integrated streamer/DAC on my Boulder 866, all in one simplicity at this moment.

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Ifi Zen Stream + Ifi Zen DAC v2

the zen stream may be what I’m looking for.

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Rpi4 with Allo Digione HAT running Ropieee

My DAC limits to 96 on USB but 192 on coax hence the HAT

Antipodes EX

Main system: Waversa Wstreamer
Office: RPi4 with Ropieee

Moved to a new country. Left everything behind and walked into a store and they had the Bluesound PowerNode 2i. Streaming and power in one. Very happy.

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I’m using integrated DAC/streamers (Linn and Naim

Lumin T2 !!


Sonore MicroRendu

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DcS Bartok…

Hell yeah

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Node2/ifi zen stream

Antipodes DSGT connected to Chord 2Qute+Thel power supply+mains filter.

Volumio Primo,Auralic Aries,Matrix mini i pro,Naim Uniti ,Cambridge CXN V2, Mac Mini,Pro-ject Ultra,Ifi Zen Stream ,Bluesound Node 2 i ,Sonore Ultrarendu .

Element X. Very very happy with it!

Auralic Aries G2 (with Stephan Hoerwege PSU).

Us as well.

iFi ZEN Stream

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