What power supply are you using and on what

Im running some JAYS AUDIO Linear supplies for my LX521 Active speaker crossovers (2 x 12V) a 5V for my Allo USBridge and a Sparky Kali Piano 2.1 rig.

Just got 2 x HDPLEX 200W LMPS to run some things like my NUC and MSI Cubi (win10 for Roon Bridge) plus a fibre FMC or 2. and a Windows 10 Media server that does JRiver and Roon duty too. Very impressed with the build of these HDPLEX units and am also going to rebuild the Windows server into a HDPLEX chassis with their 400W HiFi power supply. Should be fun.


Stock all the way for me. Lifes too short and spending as much on a PSU as my endpoints seems just ridiculoius. I tried one linesr PSU once and heard no improvement. YMMV


My HDPlex 200 watt PSU ships next week. It will be powering a Celeron powered streamer (thin ITX) with a Pink Faun i2S card. The PSU will power the motherboard (19v), i2S card (5v) and SSD (5v).

Happy to own a Paul Hynes SR-7 (EHD MR4). It’ll never leave my home. :slight_smile:

It has four independant, isolated outputs and powers my SoTM SMS-200, DIY Roon server, DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 (for subwoofer EQ) and Mutec MC3+USB (yes I removed internal SMPS)

Received my HDPlex 200 a few days ago to power my NUC717, 6Tb drive and router. Much deeper bass, deeper soundstage, and a greater feeling of security. Needed to acquire some plug converters to supplement the excellent cables supplied, but otherwise, I am now a convert to linear supplies. Had to wait four months for the HDPlex, but worth every minute.

I am using an UpTone Audio JS-2 power supply at 12V into a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. Made a significant improvement over the stock power in the Brooklyn. I also use an UpTone LPS-1.2 into an ultraRendu. Those guys at UpTone make quality stuff.

I have a few JS-2’s powering my music server, router, Roku, Cisco switch, ultraRendu etc. Eliminating all the switching power supplies has meant a significant improvement in performance.

John, did you compare your UpTone UltraCap 1.2 powering the uRendu vs. the JS-2? I’m thing about purchasing a 1.2 myself.

No I have not compared the two yet. I was sitting here thinking about that just this morning. Might be a good thing to try in the near future when time permits. Alex Crespi was so adamant that the ultraRendu would sound best with the LPS that I just bought it connected it and never looked back.

This: https://www.amazon.com/CanaKit-Raspberry-Power-Supply-PiSwitch/dp/B07GZZT7DN/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1542979383&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=raspberry+pi+power+supply&psc=1

Cost is about $12.

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I have tried both the js2 and LPS 1.1, powering a project s2 digital dac the LPS makes it sound better, the only limitation is the supported load 1.1 amps max but the Sq is better
Alex can provide some feedback on this as well

Thanks for the feedback. Subsequent to John’s comment I had a conversation with Alex at UpTone. I’ve ordered an LPS-1.2 which should ship out tomorrow. I hope to be able to compare the JS-2 vs. LPS 1.2, feeding my ultraRendu by the end of the week. Not to mention all the other possibilities with these power supplies.

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Good piece of equipment I’m powering a nuc running hqpe and roon under Ubuntu plus a fanless naa box running hqplayerd on Ubuntu, both Intel cpus with one js2, love it

I’m planning to get a more powerful music server so I can give HQ Player a try too. The consensus seems to be that it will improve the sound significantly over Roon alone. I’ll use my JS-2 to power the server.

That’s what I did, I am using Roon only as the media server, not using Roon’s DSP features but HQPe is a very advanced upsampling software with so many options and great HQ

I used 1st Windows but gave up and now I’m exclusively on Linux and very pleased with the results

It took a while longer for my HDPlex 200 watt PSU to arrive but now it is in and running my new AudioLinux powered front end. I am very happy with the results.

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Headphone setup: Uptone JS-2 to microrendu 1.4 to USPCB" USB A>B adapter to iso regen to Curious cable to iFi Audio xDSD/Micro iDSD Black Label.

Living Room setup: Original Sonore Signature PS to ultrarendu to USPCB" USB A>B adapter to Berkeley Alpha USB to Dynaudio Focus XD60 floor stander.

Bedroom setup: Uptone LPS1.2 to microrendu 1.3 to Curious cable to Pro-Ject PreBox S2 Digital to AVI DM10 active speakers (from England)

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Amplifiers (pre, power x2 and active bass x2) and DAC are powered by a Dussun X1200.

The microRendu is powered by an UpTone LPS 1.2.

I’m using a HDPLEX 200 watt LPS on my main router & modem (downstairs location). I’m using a Teddy Pardo LPS on my router upstairs. I’m using the ASUS imesh system. I hear sonic differences; SQ is livelier on my naim Atom Uniti streamer…bass is tighter & vocals sound more forward (pronounced). The music sounds like CD quality vs the flat sound you typically get with streaming. Of course YMMV; worth the cost in my streaming desktop set up.

Some of these threads have got me thinking again about power supplies, particularly those feeding my intel NUC (Win 10, running Roon and HQ Player) and my 4 bay Synology NAS (my music is stored here). These are tucked away in a cupboard running off a 5 way gang plug which also feeds a Netgear 16 port switch. All of this goes off into an un-powered patch box before off around the house via Ethernet. I also have a Philips hue connect hub.

Should I consider a single power supply, to power both the NAS and NUC, which I can probably connect directly to the wall outlet? Any ideas on what?

Assuming your NAS is a 12 volt model and your NUC 19 volts, then the 200 watt HDPlex unit has you covered. Plus two variable outputs limited to 2 amps. There are of course cheaper options but they are a gamble in terms of both support and RMA.

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