What "set it and forget it" settings for new M1 Mac Mini and Cambridge Audio DacMagic200

Roon Core Machine

2022 Mac Mini w/ M1 processor., 8GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi Router. Roon working via wifi …No problems w/ connection.

Connected Audio Devices

2022 Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M DAC outputs to a McIntosh MA6600 Integrated amp

Number of Tracks in Library

about 25,000 tracks …Mostly lossless. Roon also connected w/ my Tidal subscription

Description of Issue

I’m not particularly knowledgeable about high-resolution audio, inc. bitrates, kHz, MQA, etc… But I’d like to know that I’m getting the most out of new M1 Mac Mini and DacMagic. I’ve read that MQA recordings on Tidal sound great but I’ve not been able to get them to play as such through through my system or at least the a MQA light on my DacMagic hasn’t lit up indicating it. Here’s a bit of what I see. Hopefully there’s to set it up so my DacMagic outputs the best quality possible given the inputed signal. thx so much!!!

You have to check full decoder and renderer for the 200M. In that way roon is just passing the file and not rendering.

Why are you using osX Midi Audio settings? You need the right settings on roon, and anyway for Ventura I see a lot of problems. Just give exclusive the dac for roon.

Now here are my screenshots, I little different because 2 weeks ago I did upgrade to a zen stream instead of M1 mini going usb to 200M.

You need decoder and render selected for 200M

You can disable Roon Core decoder, I do dsp so I think this is needed. The Sample rates for me are limited by Zen Stream, you can push PCM to 768 and DSD to 256 DoP (Macs do not support native DSD)
Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 00.33.40

hope it helps

Hey @ODS,

I wanted to follow up on this thread to see if @Traian_Boldea’s reply has helped you?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

I have it up and working, thanks!!!

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