What settings are needed to play DSD files in DSD format with Roon and HQPlayer Embedded?


So far I did not use DSD format playback because I almost only have PCM files. But due to curiosity, I have downloaded a DSD file and want to play it in DSD-conversion. Unfortunately I don’t succeed. It is always played in PCM. Furthermore, I am curious about how a PCM recording sounds that I also play in DSD conversion, but I also cannot manage that. I tried a few things but if the output is DSD then the red progress bar in ROON playback stops (though not paused) and there is no sound and as soon as the output is PCM again the progress bar moves and there is also sound. It is clear that I’m choosing the wrong settings, but I don’t know which are the correct ones.
Core machine:
sonicTransporter i7 server, OS Linux, with Roon Core and HQPlayer Embedded (both newest update) installed
Streaming device:
La Rosita Gamma HD HQ Player NAA Output - This output utilizes streams from Signalyst’s HQ Player running on your computer. Digital signal processing is performed by HQ Player and then asynchronously streamed to the Network Audio Adapter (NAA) output. This output supports true gapless playback of PCM, DSD/DoP, and native DSD, Dac supports the following DSD sample rates up to: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512 (quoted from La Rosita, France)

Although I opted for output DSM in the HQPlayerd configuration screen, it can be seen in Roon that this DSD file is being outputted in PCM.
I clearly need help to find the right settings. So far I have been helped fantastically by the community and again I hope that I can play in DSD soon without any problems but with understanding how.

Thanks in advance for the help offered, Bert

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What DAC are you connecting the Rosita streamer to. Are you sure your DAC supports DSD (Native or via DoP) ?

Hello Dirk,

The La Rosita Gamma HD is a streamer and a DAC together and the information is from the site of La Rosita France.

Greetings, Bert.

Is there no manual with the streamer/dac? Cannot find anything on their website.

Thanks for the message with many interesting information.

Hello Dirk,
Indeed, on the site there is hardly no information but I think it has the same dac as in the Pi, probably not the information you are looking for. As I start with webpage from sonicorbiter.com I can enter a page where I can manage the la Rosita and there I can see more information of my dac. A screenshot is impossible for me with my iPad, but tomorrow I will make one on my computer.
Thanks, Bert.

Hi @Bert_Dijkstra

Try a few things, just to test, then can change if it works:

  1. Change your fixed vol at the top to -6dB

  2. Disable “Direct SDM” conversion

  3. Change both SDM 1x and Nx filters to poly-sinc-short-mp-2s

  4. Change max SDM sample rate to 5644800 (just for now)

  5. Try all the above first with “DoP” disabled for Network Audio backend. Then try all above with DoP enabled

Report back what you find with DoP enabled vs disabled.

I would try all of that with a DSD64 file if you can first, just to get things working. I see you’re trying a DSD256 file.

If you can get DSD64 to DSD128 conversation working properly, that’s a good first step. Will tell if ‘Native’ DSD mode works properly also.

I would try this first and then can pass the results to the real Guru, Jussi, if still not working

You can take a screenshot by pressing your home and power buttons at the same time. If you have buttons…
I haven’t kept up which iOS devices have scrapped the home button.

Will save to ‘Photos’ which you can upload to the forum via browser.

Hello Sean,
Thanks for helpfull again and I already read your story for a part about the sTr for your dad. An interesting story. I did try your suggestion without DoP: the red bar was moving in Roon, there was music, but still PCM. With DoP: the red bar was moving in Roon, there was no music???, but now it was DSD. The file I played was DSD128. I haven’t DSD64-files. Further I tried enable/disable Fixed Volume and changed volume to 14dB, 2 dB and 0dB but still no sound altough red bar was always moving and the output was always DSD128.
Greetings, Bert.

Thanks Bert. The Roon signal path screenshot you shared above shows DSD256

Just make sure you are below 0dB not above… As I suggested, set fixed volume to -6dB

-14dB is ok but if you tried +14dB this is never recommended (clipping). The plus and minus can be critical here… Always have minus in this field

Not sure why things aren’t working for you. I’m out of ideas

Time to ask the Guru for help @jussi_laako

Some screenshots with information of the DAC inside the La Rosita Gamma HD-streamer and a screenshot of the Roon active page: moving red bar, output DSD128 but no sound. There is sound with all PCM-files in output PCM


It was all negative dB:blush:

No problem, just double checking.

I’m sure Jussi can help when he sees this later

There are free files here you can use to test:

One other thing to try… does DSD (both DoP and native mode) work fine with just Roon? No HQPlayer in the loop.

In SonicOribter, you need to go to Roon Ready and enable ‘native’ or ‘DoP’ manually.

Just another test you could do, that might give more info.

Hello Sean,

How do I get HQPlayer out the loop?

I doen’t see the window with this choise. In orbiter I can see Roon server settings where I can chose : enable local playback in Roon server.

In sonicOrbiter for your Rendu, if the ‘Roon Ready’ app is not installed, it should be in the ‘Available software’ for you to install. Then in the Roon Ready settings, you will have DoP and native mode settings.

On that page I doen’t see a download button…