What software to manage a Sony player from a Mac?

Hi everyone!

This is not really a Roon question, although I would start by saying I’d love being able to stay within Roon to manage my portable players. :smile:

So I have a Sony player, and my music collection is bigger than what I can store on it. I thus regularly move music on and off it, but because I’m on a Mac, I have no Sony software to manage this, and I’m doing all this by hand. It can be a large pain, like when I leave a playlist but remove some songs, or train to calculate the closest amount of space left and that kind of stuff. Would anyone know of a software to do that better?

Note that the Sony player is recognised as an external drive. I have tried playing around with backup software to see if I could make that work, but the usage is really not the same.

Thanks in advance!


1/ Greg, thanks for moving my post in the right place.
2/ I forgot to mention: my device is a high Rez player, so I don’t need conversion capabilities, just something to move files around easily.